12 tips to take your fitness business to the next level

As an ambitious fitness business owner looking to build a fitness business, getting more customers through your door may be keeping you up at night. If that sounds relatable, now may be the time to explore strategies that can raise the profile of your business and bring more customers through your doors.

Well, the good news is there are tried and true methods that can work time and time again that you may consider introducing into your marketing tactics to win more customers for your fitness business.

In order to grow your personal trainer business, your fitness business marketing strategy has two main objectives – retaining your existing clients, and attracting new clients. High levels of customer satisfaction is your goal, because a happy customer base can be one of the most effective marketing assets your business can have.

Your existing clients’ interests, entertainment, and satisfaction are important. The long-term success of your fitness business will be determined by your recurring revenue and the strength of your membership base. Satisfying your existing customers is just as important, if not more important, than generating new leads.

There are many smart marketing strategies and ideas that fitness business owners can use to grow their business. Here are 12 marketing tips for personal trainers and gym professionals that can take your fitness business to the next level.

1. Promotions, offers, and specials

A deal that is too good to miss can be a great way to attract new members to your fitness business. This is why promotions that emphasise scarcity are effective lead generation activities for fitness businesses. This type of advertising will motivate your ideal clients to seek your services.

To encourage people to sign up, offer a limited time free trial. You may also benefit from experimenting with different rewards, giveaways, and discounts to encourage your prospects to act.

Advertise your personal training business promotions online by sharing them on social media and in your email communications. You can also create a landing page to promote your offer.

2. Make your fitness business stand out

When you run a fitness business, you’re likely competing with a lot of fitness businesses – be they yoga studios, competing gyms, or digital fitness coaches – to attract the same audience. As such, it’s important to distinguish your business. What makes your client experience different from others?

What are some unique features that your fitness business can offer customers that they won’t find anywhere else? How can you make your fitness offer unique and appealing to your target audience? Some thigs you may consider include:

  • offering online classes to students for free;
  • providing free lessons via email;
  • provide great customer service at all times; and
  • Open your fitness classes to the public for free twice a month.

3. Create a user-friendly website

Perhaps one of the most critical fitness marketing ideas that can effectively promote a fitness business is an informative and user-friendly company website. It’s no longer a bonus to have a user-friendly website; it is a requirement if you want to stay competitive. It’s easier than ever to create a user-friendly website that promotes your fitness business. Even if your tech skills are not great, you can still set up a template website and accept online bookings and payments and improve you customer experience.

Thanks to intuitive template website designs, today you don’t have to be a coding expert to create a stunning, responsive, and interactive website for your fitness business.

To entertain and attract new members, consider including the following on your website:

  • free fitness video tutorials;
  • frequently asked questions from your prospects and members;
  • promotional specials, exclusive giveaways, raffles and contests; and
  • stream free exercise classes from your website.

4. Promote customer testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are critical for establishing the credibility and authority that will grow your fitness business. A glowing testimonial is a great way to increase your sales for your fitness business. Potential clients may be anxious about using your fitness services, and this is where friendly testimonials from members can speak much louder than even your best sales pitch.

Consider sharing video testimonials on your social media pages to increase awareness and engagement with your target audience. You can also post these video customer testimonials on your website and your YouTube channel.

It can be difficult to get people to review your gym and offer testimonials, but there are some handy tactics you may use to tip the balance in your favor. These include:

  • after a group exercise session, ask your clients to record a testimonial;
  • reward anyone who reviews your fitness business on online review sites;
  • Ask your students periodically if they are willing to give a testimonial in return for a reward; and
  • Incentivise reviews and testimonials with unique gifts for anyone who submits a review.

5. Connect with your local communities

It can be easy to forget the complex value of our local communities in this era of online advertising and social media. However, it’s important to brainstorm and discover the potential networking power available to you in your local community.

Engage with your local community and offer something of value to casual attendees to entice them to become clients.

To increase your reach and awareness in your local community, consider and answer these questions:

  • Is there an athletic group that would benefit from your fitness and gym services?
  • Are there local business associations that host networking events?
  • Is there a community in your area that would benefit from a free class?
  • What would your local community think of diet plans and other ancillary services that your fitness business could provide?
  • What local networking opportunities are available that you may join to raise awareness of your fitness business?

6. Partner with local businesses

Your fitness company can partner with local businesses in two ways. First, approach non-competitive businesses to enquire if they are interested in launching a cross-promotion.

You both have the opportunity to tap into each other’s audience, and ideally both businesses will benefit from the additional exposure. You can also partner with businesses by providing free services for clients, employees, and customers.

You may offer limited time free fitness consultations or free classes for small businesses to generate new leads.

7. Stay at the cutting edge of gym tech

Innovative equipment is a great way to keep your existing customers happy and to attract new members to your business. Live streaming is very popular and can be an effective way to showcase your shiny new fitness equipment. A well-designed live streaming class can attract new clients and provide value to existing customers.

8. Personal training and coaching

Upselling is a great way to increase your fitness revenue. You might offer personal one-on-one fitness coaching, or a diet/health consultation to clients.

In doing so, your business can provide new levels of value to your students.

9. Group fitness classes

At the other end of the spectrum, group classes can be also be a smart way to market your fitness business. Group fitness classes can be a great way to introduce your members to new people and can be used as a branding tool to help you attract new leads.

Group classes are also handy for building rapport with your students while also fostering goodwill. They can also be a great way to get clients as a personal trainer. If your group fitness classes are highly engaging, you may also stream them on YouTube, Facebook, and your website – with your students’ permission.

10. Connect and engage with your students on social media

Positive feedback from existing clients important, so don’t be afraid to ask for it from clients who love your work. And while you’re having those conversations, also ask your satisfied customers if they can also leave glowing reviews on your social media pages too, where they will likely be seen and read by people looking for a great fitness business in their area. This can be very effective for taking your fitness business to the next level.

11. Create engaging website content frequently

Make a list of useful tutorials, videos, and even health food recipes that you can post to your website. Blogs can also be a great content marketing activity for fitness business owners. To keep your prospects and customers engaged, create and publish content that add real value to your audience. Your content marketing isn’t about overt selling; rather, it’s about raising awareness, engaging your audience, and, in time, converting them to customers of your fitness business.

12. Use weekly e-newsletters to generate leads and engage clients

A weekly e-newsletter can be a great way to provide added value to your customers. Consider surveying your customers to learn what they would like included in your regular e-newsletters. Here are some potential e-newsletter topics you may consider:

  • any fitness tips requested by your students;
  • answer your students’ most frequently asked questions about fitness;
  • share your upcoming schedules for your individual and group classes;
  • promote your advanced coaching or consulting offers; and
  • cross-promotion of fitness related products (if you sell these).

Fitness business FAQs

How do I start a personal training business?

To start a personal training business you will be required to complete a Certificate IV in Fitness. In Australia individuals cannot legally give professional personal trainer advice if they haven’t completed and hold a current Certificate IV in Fitness. Once you are qualified, you will be required to formally establish your fitness business, which includes:

  • Naming your business.
  • Your business budgeting.
  • Registering for an ABN (Australian Business Number).
  • Managing your tax obligations, including GST and superannuation requirements.
  • Determining the structure of your business – whether it be a sole trader or a company structure.
  • Your personal training registration and any permits that you may require.

Do I need insurance to start my fitness business?

While it is not a mandatory requirement, many personal training business owners choose to reduce their risk with fitness business insurance. Common business insurance products that fitness business owners may consider for reducing their risk include:

Should I have personal trainer experience before starting my own fitness business?

Just like any other skilled profession that requires formal training and qualifications, having on-the-job experience as a personal trainer can be a great way to increase your chances of success when you come to starting your own fitness business.

How much does it cost to start a fitness business?

There can be many cost factors that can go into starting a fitness business, and no two fitness businesses are exactly alike. As with any business, set-up costs will vary depending on the size and the scope of the business.

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