Don’t be a pork chop – insure your butcher shop


Don’t be a pork chop – insure your butcher shop

There’s a lot at stake..

Think of all the hard work you have put into creating your butcher shop business starting with the early days as an apprentice to building up your name and opening your own store. Many hours and dollars have gone into making your dream a reality, and all it could take is a simple accident for it to come to a grinding halt.

It’s important to consider the different types of risks your butcher shop may be exposed to and how business insurance can help prevent an unexpected event from destroying your business.


Holiday time

You’ve worked hard all year round and it’s time to finally shut up shop for a few days so you can enjoy the holiday festivities. But before you head to the beach and enjoy a few snags on the BBQ, make sure to take a few extra steps to minimise the risks your unattended shop is exposed to.



If you have a security system in place, make sure your alarm is active and armed before locking up. If you have a security team that manages your system it’s also an excellent time to check and make sure all contact details are up to date and correct.

Switch off

Make sure to unplug any devices that don’t need to be connected to power sources. This not only can save you a few quid, but can prevent the risk of power surges causing damage to electrical appliances.


Fridges, mincers, EFTPOS machines, knives and all of those bits and bobs that make help run your business each day quickly add up and would cost an arm and a leg to replace. If you already have business insurance in place, now is a good time to revise your policy, double check what you are covered for and make sure you are not over or under insuring.

One of the biggest risks to your butcher shop is the threat of vandalism and theft, especially while your business is closed and unattended. Theft Cover provides cover against loss or damage to your contents or stock from theft or attempted theft at your shop following a violent or forced entry.

With shopfront windows and display cabinets, Glass Cover is an important form of cover to protect against the expense of replacement or repair of damage caused to any glass, internal or external, to your shop.

If you’re planning to shut the store for more than 90 consecutive days, your insurance policy may cease to provide cover due to the extended period of inoccupancy. Make sure you check with your insurance provider, as this clause can vary from one insurance policy to another.

Unforeseeable Interruptions

 Mother nature has a way of throwing a few surprises and summer is the peak time for her stormy and unpredictable performances. You rely on your cool room to keep your stock fresh, so the thought of s wild storms or fires is sure to ruffle your feathers!

If your butcher shop experiences a severe storm or fire damage, how would you keep your business running? Think about the potential loss of income you would encounter due to the downtime suffered whilst being unable to open for business.

Thankfully, under a Business Insurance pack there is an option to take out Business Interruption cover which can provide much needed financial assistance by covering you for the loss of income and the increased costs of running your butcher shop due to an insured event, so you can continue to pay for things like ongoing operating expenses, such as wages and bills.

Too hot to work

Those long, hot summer days, you know the ones that make you swelter from head to toe! Unfortunately, your machinery and equipment also feels the heat and is often the victim of overheating and breakdown during those hot days.

All it takes is for an electrical surge to cause the breakdown of one of your refrigerators or freezers, which could cost into the tens of thousands of dollars to repair, as well as the loss of stock while your machinery is out of action.

Machinery Breakdown cover is available under a Business Insurance pack and provides cover for the repair or replacement of insured machinery, with the option to also cover for the Deterioration of Stock. It will cover for the loss of perishable stock that is spoilt while your fridge experienced the malfunction, failing to keep your stock cold. This is something you will need to additionally add as it is not automatically covered.


Summer-proofing your butcher shop from potential risks doesn’t need to be a chore and neither does arranging your business insurance. Grab the bull by the horns and receive peace of mind by contacting BizCover to compare policies from leading Aussie insurers


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