Customer Spotlight: MetaPeople

HR Business, MetaPeople has a great origin story.

Five years ago, Christian Harper was running his own career management company with a business partner. Then, on an outback adventure with some friends in South West Queensland, Christian was in a terrible motor accident that changed his life.

“It took 2.5 hours to get me,” he recalls “I needed to be airlifted to Princess Alexandra Hospital and then I was in a medically induced coma for 5 days.”

It was this experience that had a profound effect on Harper. He became inspired by how his life depended on how well every person in the chain of events did their job, and how each person had their own set of skills and did well.

“It’s the sense you have that everyone around you knows what they’re doing, and doing it really well,” he explains “It’s what we call [at MetaPeople] Great Work at Work.”

“Great Work at Work is not about the one-off, extraordinary or super-human feats of dazzling brilliance people are sometimes capable of, but rather, the routine, everyday task done really well.”

It was this concept that inspired him to go out on his own and start MetaPeople, a recruitment and career mentoring company.

At MetaPeople they concentrate on three key things, attracting great people, developing people to be great at what they do and supporting businesses to achieve great things with their people.

This clear goal has lead to their success, evident in the many testimonials that are on display on their website.

One testimonial, from Ray Noble, speaks about how MetaPeople’s dedication and service were able to convince him to change his career and start a new role.

“MetaPeople managed to engage me in a really exciting way,” he says, “It was a fantastic conversation.”

“We went through where I was in my career, what my aspirations are. The approach they took to talk me through the role was fantastic”

Christian hasn’t stopped there. He’s also spent time developing a web tool, MetaTools; a framework for focusing and acknowledging the individual efforts required to achieve your business goals.

“I have a long way to go in getting the system out there,” he admits “but the trials have been very positive.”

You can find out more about MetaTools and MetaPeople on their website here: http://www.metapeople.com.au/metatools.html


MetaPeople are offering a special offer for BizCover subscribers: 10% off any agreed recruitment service or coaching service and a 10% reduction on their outsourced HR program for the first six months of an 18-month contract. Call them on 1300 552 563 to find out more.


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