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Here at BizCover we relish any opportunity to gush about the awesome work our customers do.  

We spoke to the CEO and Founder of FAN+, Rod Harys, about the incredible service his business provides.  

To get started, tell us what FAN+ is. 

FAN+ is the first marketplace of its kind in Australia that offers fans access to the most extraordinary and exclusive experiences.  FAN+ connects fans with their sporting clubs, athletes, and personalities via live experiences. We give fans access to the most unique experiences in Australia and across the globe. We do it by creating premium experiences for fans whilst supporting and giving back to community and charity organisations. From a swimming lesson with an Olympian to hitting the court with a Grand Slam Champion, FAN+ gives everyday people access to “money can buy” experiences. 

FAN+ is a sporting and entertainment marketplace that offers access to experiences across Australia, NZ, USA, UK, and Europe. 

What inspired you to start your own business? 

Seeing an opportunity in the marketplace and having the support and mentorship of a great group of successful business people to help guide and give me the confidence to start my own business and having the passion for all things sports and entertainment. 

What is it you love the most about your job? 

I enjoy that I have been able to create something that was only an idea on paper, build out a business that I can grow, scale and increase revenues year on year. Each day is different and an experience in itself, although a lot of hard work, determination, persistence, challenging, it is very rewarding that you have created it. My favourite thing is the people I meet, work with and the networks I have built and the unexpected opportunities that pop up. One that will never be forgotten was at a sporting event I attended and I got a tap on the shoulder from a guy that looked like “the Rock”, he said come with me and referenced a close friend of mine’s name, and said he has arranged something, next thing is I am in the change rooms meeting Roger Federer before an exhibition match. Roger knew my name, who I worked for, my passion for sports. A true professional on and off the court. 

What attracted you to purchasing your insurance through BizCover? 

A colleague mentioned BizCover to me, so I thought when my current polices were due, I would look into BizCover, I was very impressed with the fast, efficient, service, competitive pricing and covers BizCover provided to my business.  

Finally, what advice would you give to someone looking to start their own business? 

Take the opportunity, don’t let fear scare you off, believe in your ability, idea and skillset to start your own business and enjoy all the fun, exciting, challenging experiences that come with it. 

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