What is business networking? How to do it successfully?

When you’re running a business, you quickly realize that success doesn’t solely hinge on your product or service. It’s also about the connections you make along the way. Business networking is that powerful tool which, when wielded right, can catapult a venture to new heights.

Whether you’re looking to extend your digital reach or hoping to form genuine connections in your local community, building your business network is an art and science combined. This article will guide you through how you can cultivate and strengthen these crucial connections, regardless of the platform.

Advantages of business networking

In business, who you know can sometimes be as crucial as what you know. This is why networking holds such an important role in fostering your venture’s growth and resilience. Here are some of the advantages business networking can bring to your business and career:

Word-of-mouth referrals

The positive impact of word-of-mouth cannot be overstated. According to a survey by Alignable, 85% of small businesses claim that word-of-mouth referrals are the best way to get local customers. A strong business network often translates to quality referrals. Imagine boosting your customer base not by cold calls but warm referrals.

Career advancement

Business networking is not limited to entrepreneurs. If you’re an employee seeking career growth, networking should be in your arsenal. A 2016 LinkedIn report revealed that 85% of all jobs are secured through networking. Whether it’s a new client, a new job, or a new partnership, your business network can open doors you didn’t even know existed.

Knowledge exchange

Business networking is synonymous with continuous learning. Interacting with fellow industry professionals offers a direct line to emerging trends, invaluable insights, and fresh perspectives. This continuous learning cycle empowers you and your business for informed decisions and strategies, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

Building trust

Establishing a business is not just about transactions. It’s about trust. Business networking helps in creating a reputation where others vouch for you, making your business or professional profile more credible and trustworthy.

Online business networking

Gone are the days when face-to-face meetings were the only way to forge business connections. Now, there exists a bustling online space where professionals can gather, share small business ideas, and collaborate without geographical constraints. Here are some of the ways you can bolster your online networking:

Leverage LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a goldmine for online networking opportunities. Don’t just stay on the sidelines. Fully explore the opportunities LinkedIn offers for professional growth and connectivity.

Join industry-specific groups: Go to the “Groups” section and explore groups that align with your industry or interests. Joining these groups can connect you with like-minded professionals, opening doors to insightful discussions, and building a robust community around your field.

Actively participate: Your voice matters. Join group discussions or post meaningful questions. This active engagement enhances your visibility and positions you as a knowledgeable figure in your industry, contributing positively to your networking goals.

Online forums and groups

Online platforms have dramatically reshaped how professionals connect and brainstorm. These platforms offer direct access to industry insights, expert advice, and opportunities for meaningful connections.

Choose forums that align with your industry and contribute constructively to discussions. Sharing your insights and offering solutions not only boosts your professional image but also expands your business network with connections that are aligned with your business goals. Stay active, authentic, and open to learning and collaboration for optimal online networking success.

Maximise social media channels

With platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, opportunities to connect with industry professionals, potential clients, and other entrepreneurs are immense. Be active, consistent, and authentic in your social media interactions.

When using social media, be intentional. Know your goals and your audience. Tailor your content and interactions to align with your objectives and to provide value to your connections. This approach not only enhances your business network but also solidifies your presence and reputation in the industry.

Offline business networking

While online platforms have revolutionised how we connect, there’s undeniable value in the age-old practice of offline business networking. There’s a certain magic in shaking hands, exchanging business ideas face-to-face, and sharing real-time experiences. Here are some of the ways you can strengthen your offline presence:

Attend local business events

Harness the potential of face-to-face business networking by attending local business events. These gatherings offer a chance to connect directly with professionals, learn from industry leaders, and showcase your expertise.

Chambers of Commerce gatherings: These are vibrant local events designed to bring business professionals together. By attending, you gain access to a local network of potential clients, partners, and mentors. It’s a fantastic way to get your finger on the pulse of your community’s business scene.

Professional association meetings: Tailored to cater to professionals in specific fields, these meetings offer specialised knowledge, skill development opportunities, and a chance to connect with industry peers. Make it a point to attend and actively participate to maximize your networking reach.

Network through local council initiatives

Local authorities often recognize the value that small businesses bring to the economy and community. As a result, they may sponsor various events and even small business grants to foster connections and growth.

Attend these gathering and get to know the thriving business community around you. It’s an excellent way to forge real, lasting connections right in your backyard.

Casual networking

Who said business networking can only happen in boardrooms or at official events? Sometimes great connections are made when you least expect it – when you’re off the clock.

Think about your regular pilates class or your child’s weekend soccer game. These seemingly casual moments offer a great chance to strike up a conversation. Fellow parents, gym buddies, or even someone you meet while waiting for your coffee can be potential business contacts or partners. The key is to be genuine, curious, and open to a chat. Remember, every interaction can be an opportunity, even outside of the business setting.

Network with confidence and security

Remember, every connection, big or small, is a step towards creating a robust network that can elevate your business and career. Leveraging both digital platforms and offline opportunities allows for a diverse and resilient professional business network. Prioritise authenticity and value in every interaction and continue learning and evolving within your business networking strategies. Your network is indeed your net worth.

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