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San Francisco, California – September 12, 2012
We are excited to announce the official launch of BizInsure (www.bizinsure.com), a leading-edge online insurance model that connects independent professionals and small businesses to critical Professional Liability (E&O) insurance solutions. With unprecedented convenience, reliability, and transparency, BizInsure is an end-to-end insurance solution that allows customers to compare quotes, customize coverage, and buy online within minutes. We provide nationwide access to competitively priced, customized insurance from high-quality (A-rated) insurance companies, and access to a licensed support team. By combining insurance knowledge with technology expertise, we have optimized the online insurance buying experience – a huge leap forward for the world of business insurance in the U.S.

BizInsure is the product of two great companies coming together – the insurance experts at Woodruff-Sawyer & Co. (WS&Co.) and the cutting-edge technology of BizCover Pty Ltd (BizCover). After two years of diligent research, technical development and extensive negotiations with top-tier insurance companies, we have built a robust platform that has driven the marketplace to be receptive to a new way of thinking, a new way of underwriting, and a new way of pricing professional liability insurance for independent professionals and small businesses. Our online model (made mainstream by the personal auto insurance industry) replaces overhead with affordability without sacrificing quality or dependability. Together we are able to provide unparalleled access to affordable, customized, real-time insurance solutions.

Our entire purchasing process can be completed in minutes and ends with a certificate and a policy delivered by email – instantly. The site can be used as a standalone automated service however, our access to licensed professionals by phone and chat throughout the purchase process and during the entire term of the policy is one of our notable differentiators. We asked Greg Morris, President of BizInsure what makes BizInsure different, and he said, “We are in an ideal position (market timing and resources at our disposal) to capitalize on a tremendous opportunity to modernize the commercial insurance space, especially for small businesses. Our approach has enabled us to drive efficiency and lower costs and our customers enjoy an easy-to-navigate service offering that is backed by licensed human support. By combining innovative technology with outstanding market relationships, BizInsure enables customers to quickly compare multiple quotes from A-rated insurance carriers, choose and purchase the policy best suited for their needs, within minutes. This is unprecedented for this market.

Professional Liability (E&O) insurance is just the beginning; over the upcoming months and years BizInsure will become a one-stop insurance solution for all types of small business insurance needs.” Despite the rapidly evolving business world, the insurance industry has been one of the slowest to innovate. Until now, sole proprietorships, consultants, and small to midsized businesses (annual revenues under 2.5 million dollars) have not had many alternatives when it came to buying business insurance. BizInsure has entered this space to satisfy the needs of this important and growing market; small business is our main business, not our side business. Thanks to BizInsure, Independent professionals and small business owners will find no easier, more affordable, more convenient way to procure reliable Professional Liability (E&O) insurance. BizInsure – business insurance just got smarter!

About BizInsure

BizInsure is the most convenient and streamlined way to buy business insurance in the US today providing unparalleled access to affordable, reliable, transparent, end-to-end solutions to professionals, and businesses within 225 distinct industries in all 50 states. Headquartered in San Francisco, the company is a result of a partnership between Woodruff-Sawyer & Co. (WS&Co.) and BizCover Pty Ltd (BizCover). This alliance combines experienced insurance professionals and cutting-edge technology to meet the specific needs of small to midsized businesses and independent professionals. Today the company offers competitive Professional Liability (E&O) insurance and plans to roll out more lines of commercial insurance to meet the growing needs of modern business. For more  information about BizInsure, call 877.900.9998 or visit www.bizinsure.com.

Compare multiple quotes online in minutes

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Compare multiple quotes online in minutes

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