BizCover partners with ZOLO Australia to save old tech from landfill

  • BizCover has partnered with innovative technology recycling service ZOLO Australia in a move that saves old technology from contributing to pollution and gives it a second life.  

  • The Sydney-based Insurtech has already diverted more than 126kg of electronic waste destined for landfill through ZOLO’s circular economy model that aims to support organisations funding high-impact strategic climate action in Australia. 

  • BizCover aims to ensure 50% of tech waste disposed of will be refurbished and donated to children and communities in need. 

  • BizCover is the largest insurtech company partnering with Zolo Australia but joins ZIP, Hootsuite, Merivale and Tourism Australia, to name a few, as some of Australia’s biggest brands on the same mission to eliminate waste.  


BizCover has partnered with technology recycling service ZOLO Australia in a move that saves old technology from contributing to pollution.  

“Working in IT, I’ve seen a lot of old computer parts be thrown out – most of it likely ending up in landfill,” says Steven Lieu, Desktop Support and System Operations Team Leader at BizCover.  

“The team at ZOLO help solve this problem by creating new tech using parts from old tech – giving old tech new life.”  

Launched in 2020, ZOLO is a profit-for-purpose tech service that collects old and unused business IT equipment, wipe data securely and connect them to kids and communities in need. 

BizCover aims to ensure 50% of all disposed equipment is given a second life through community donations. The current endpoint for the old tech is the Women’s and Girls’ Emergency Centre in Sydney — connecting devices to women and children in crisis.  

“We are on a mission to break the cycle of social disadvantage by unlocking work and study opportunities and supporting women and children to thrive through access to technology,” says a ZOLO spokesperson.   

“By partnering with us, you can do so much good with your old tech, so kids and communities in need are given equal opportunity to fulfil their full potential.” 

Supporting a wider vision 

The partnership with ZOLO is one of many initiatives that are part of BizCover’s wider vision to be sustainability leaders in the insurance industry. Firstly, BizCover offers its service through a small business insurance platform committed to being 100% online. Paper is an energy-intensive medium of information that frequently gets used across the financial sector.

From production to distribution, studies have shown that one metric ton of paper product created a production-weighted average of 942 kg of carbon dioxide equivalent of GHG emissions.  

Steven says that while it is difficult to quantify an exact number saved, the company is committed to reducing the distribution and use of paper to its customers.  

“Through building our technological capabilities, we are progressively communicating digitally with our customers more than ever before,” he says. “This process not only meets our emission reduction strategy but quickens and deepens our relationship with our customers.” 

Secondly, BizCover’s recent push towards a hybrid work model has helped reduce practices that could harm the environment. With 31% of staff working remotely and the rest of its Sydney team coming in only two scheduled days a week, BizCover has drastically reduced the need to commute to work.  

“While working from home is not the magic bullet in terms of an environmental solution, it can have its benefits and has made us reevaluate our previous waste reduction strategies,” Steven says.  

“Finally, we also strive for a greener workplace by championing recycling initiatives, reusable crockery and cutlery, which we give to all new staff in their welcome pack, and ensuring we have automatic lights that turn off during periods of inactivity.”  

ZOLO’s new Mixed E-Waste Bin in BizCover’s IT area 

A long-lasting partnership 

While all the electronic waste has been disposed of for now, Steven says BizCover plan to use ZOLO again in the coming months and years as the continued drive for innovation pushes out old technology. 

ZOLO has just installed a new Mixed E-Waste bin in BizCover’s IT area so the company can continue correctly disposing of any electrical waste that builds up in the office over time.   “ZOLO has made disposing of our legacy hardware the easiest process we have come across,” says Lieu. “This innovative solution was super simple and directly aligns with our own sustainability values.”  

“Personally, leading the initiative to recycle electrical waste here at BizCover has been a fantastic experience and I’m proud to work for a company that supports a cause that I care deeply about.”  


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