BizCover By Day – Kavya Kunwar

Our BizCover offices are filled with dedicated and passionate team members, that are committed to our business, and yours. In BizCover By Day we celebrate some of our extraordinary team members, in and outside the office.

Building business value, coordinating high priority items and managing teams across Australia, NZ and the US, Kavya Kunwar is an experienced Business Analyst who has her finger on the pulse of all things BizCover.

Uganda was home for Kavya before moving to Australia to study and pursue a career. She appreciates the “home away from home” and sense of family that BizCover offers. Kavya began working at BizCover when studying at university and can look back fondly on the accommodating nature of the company during this time.

Having worked at BizCover for close to two years now, Kavya has a glamorous hobby outside the office. Describing herself as a “gatekeeper” of all things technical, she’s in control of everything going in and out of the BizCover website. It may come as a surprise for many however, that her free time is spent at photo shoots and beauty pageants wearing designer brands.

Fashion forward from a young age, Kavya has always looked to the fashion industry as an outlet for creative self expression. She began modelling five years ago and continues to enjoy it today. During her career she has had the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of freelance photographers and model designer wear from Asian and Australian startup brands.

However, the decision to be a model wasn’t made easy for Kavya. Growing up in a highly intellectual family, she was faced with the common perception that fashion-driven women have nothing else going for them. For Kavya, this stereotype was something she was determined to break through, identifying as neither a “smart girl” or a “beautiful girl” but as both.

“I decided to pursue my two biggest passions side by side – to be an intellectual in the technology industry, as well as a model for high-end designers. Representing smart, independent, working women in the fashion industry.”

A highlight of Kavya’s modelling career is winning ‘Miss Asian International’ earlier this year. This opportunity lead Kavya to represent all women of Asian background on an international level. This platform provided the chance for her to speak out about her views and opinions on issues facing modern women, particularly aiming to enhance a focus on ‘inward beauty’.

Kavya loves the way modelling allows her creative side to take over, as well as the chance to connect with organisations that represent modern women in Asian communities throughout Australia.

“I think modelling gives me a great way to relax and connect with people from various backgrounds and interests.”

Stepping into the office each day, Kavya knows she’s walking into a diverse team of talented people who are ready to take the day by storm. Kavya is excited by the future of BizCover, as the team works constantly, striving to be a better company tomorrow than it is today.


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