Big Bunny Business: An Interview with the Easter Bunny

This Easter we had the egg-citing opportunity to interview one of our favourite furry friends and expert chocolatier, the Easter Bunny! With a spring in his step and a swagger in his tail, we asked him what insurances he has in place to protect his very successful chocolate business.

Thank you very much for taking time to speak with us here at BizCover about your insurance, especially during this time of year! Let’s start with a pressing question….

How do you protect yourself when you’re out hopping about making your special deliveries?

What an eggcellent question you ask! Easter time is both my favourite and most demanding time of year, where I get out and about and get to greet every-bunny while I deliver my famous chocolate eggs. But I also need to be mindful of some of the everyday hazards which could get in the way! This is where my Public Liability Insurance offers me the protection I need.

With this kind of coverage, what kind of things are you protected from?

In case I was to accidentally leave a delivery box of eggs out on the street, and someone were to fall over the box and become injured, that third party is protected for any damages which may result from my business activities. Thankfully it also covers my legal and defence costs which might arise from a claim, court attendance costs and compensation awarded to the claimant. These fees can definitely add up costing more than a paw and a leg, it’s not a yoking matter!

Public Liability Insurance also extends to protect me from property damage, where I might be at fault for damaging a third-party’s property. For example, when I am digging holes as a hiding place for my eggs, there is a chance I could get carried away and accidentally burst a water pipe causing all kinds of dramas!

Wow that would be a right mess! So what would happen if your factory were to make a batch of bad eggs and people were to fall ill from eating them?

Me, make bad eggs? What a crack up! If something dodgy were to happen with my secret recipe producing a bad lot of eggs, this is where my Product Liability component of my Public Liability Insurance comes into play. It would cover the cost of damages awarded to the third-party as well as any expenses associated with investigating and defending (legal and court attendance fees) a claim made against myself and the business.

A very important type of coverage to have then! With such a big and busy factory, what kind of insurances have you taken out to protect it?

There are many things I need to think about when it comes to protecting my pride and joy! The factory is not only where trillions of Easter eggs are crafted each year, but it is the workplace warren for many dedicated busy bunnies.

To get so many eggs out in time, I have some pretty impressive machinery! If one of them were to break down, I wouldn’t be able to just “burrow” one from a friend, I would be in a right pickle. Not taking any risks, I took out Machinery Breakdown Insurance to protect my machinery equipment if this were to happen. Machinery Breakdown Insurance covers the cost of repairing or replacing insured machinery following breakdown, giving me real peace of mind.

That would be very reassuring! Mr. Bunny, your chocolates are favourite around the world, do you ever have anyone trying to steal your eggs?

I sure do! To prevent any major losses of stolen prized eggs (especially from those sneaky, sly foxes), I have taken out Theft Insurance. This type of cover will protect me from any loss or damage of my contents and stock when there is an attempt of theft or theft at my factory. It never hurts to be egg-stra careful when it comes to protecting my valuable stock.

Speaking of stock, you have quite a few eggs in your factory! Do you have any other forms of coverage in case there was a threat to your stock being damaged?

I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I didn’t have my Contents and Stock insurance! And struth, given this crazy and unpredictable Aussie weather with scorching heat one day, furious storms the next, I would be silly not to have this type of insurance in place!

That is very true! What kind of things do your Contents and Stock insurance cover you for?

With this egg-streme weather and a chance of unpredictable events that could occur, this coverage will protect me from fire, storm and other extreme weather events, malicious damage and gosh forbid malicious damage and vandalism!

Oh, hopefully, nothing like that happens! Have you got a back-up plan if you were to injure yourself, like say you got your foot stuck in a rabbit trap?

Thank my lucky stars and hind legs that this has never happened, but I have had a few near misses! There’s no time to be out of action as the Easter Bunny, and my back up plan is my Personal Accident and Illness insurance. Being self-employed means, I cannot afford not to have an income stream, as the bills won’t stop rolling in.

How will this type of coverage help you if you were off from work suffering from an accident or illness?

Thankfurly this type of cover provides me with a financial safety net if I were to break my leg or become ill. I can receive up to 85% of my income or up to $3000 per week which can help me pay my ongoing bills both for the business and for my personal expenses. Another bonus with this type of coverage is that I am protected if I injure myself anywhere in the world, and being a bit of a globe trekker this is really important.

Some of the policies also have additional benefits like a return to work assistance and transport to and from work so I can hop straight back into action.


Well it sounds like you have some exceptional insurances in place Easter Bunny, we know how furry busy you are so we won’t keep you any longer. Thank you so much for your time today, and we hope you have a very successful Easter and a well-deserved break!

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