5 Ways Digital Marketing Can Help Your Small Business During COVID

If there is one thing that small business owners have learnt during 2020 it’s adaptability. COVID-19 has forced many SME operators to change their marketing plans and shift from traditional to contemporary digital strategies.

Whether you’re an accountant or run a retail store, embracing the power of digital marketing can help your business stay in the game. We’ve found some of the top ways digital marketing can help your business during COVID-19.

1. Real-time, real data

Being able to access real-time data allows for a more reliable connection with your customers. Platforms like Google Analytics deliver valuable data about your customers and enable you to get a better insight into their behaviours and purchase habits.

Understanding the keywords, search terms and even time of day visitors are on your site helps with creating a targeted marketing strategy. While it might take a bit of research and reporting the effort is worth it for improved results.

Using real-time data means you can deploy trackable and customisable marketing campaigns that attract more customers and keep your existing database engaged. Win-win. 

2. Harness the power of social media

Social media is a powerful tool to get your business noticed online and it’s growing fastBetween April 2019 to January 2020, social media users increased by 735 million within Australia, creating a current social media penetration rate of 71%i.

The agile nature of social media creates  a range of opportunities for all types of businesses to get their brand out there. Videos, photos, polls, apps are all creative assets that can make your campaigns come to life. The world of social media is fast-paced and allowing audiences to connect and share brand content in the click of a button.

Need some inspiration? Check out how these businesses have used Facebook to promote their business during COVID-19 creatively.

3. Quicker campaigns

In comparison to traditional marketing campaigns (brochures, radio adverts, advertorials), digital marketing campaigns are much quicker to create. In this rapidly changing environment, the flexibility to alter and control digital campaigns makes them an efficient option for marketing.

They are also easier to measure, with many analytical tools available to gauge efficiency, recommended allocation of spend and improvements to the campaign.

4. Get personal

An advantage of using digital marketing for customer communications is how personalised you can get with your messaging. Accessing customer data helps when creating targeted communications, especially when it comes to email campaigns and social media.

It allows you the freedom to tailor email and social media campaigns to different segments of your customer database with specific messages suited to their buying needs. For example, you may want to offer a loyalty discount to your long-standing customers or entice new customers back with a free-shipping special.

While you may not have control over physical footfall through your business, personalised communications can accelerate and boost your digital channels.

5. SEO, the way to go

It’s no secret that SMEs are trying to cut costs and marketing budgets are no exception. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) involves implementing strategies to get your website noticed. It’s about getting in the face of your customers by ranking high in the search results when people look for your business or similar terms.

Here are some of the reasons why SEO marketing is a popular marketing strategy:

  • It is cheaper than other forms of marketing
  • It’s geared to long-term growth and helps with Google ranking
  • When your page ranks higher in search results, it helps build brand trust and recognition
  • Research into keywords and trends is free and can help in creating tailored content to the right audience

Government support

If you need more assistance with digital marketing strategies and growing your business online, contact Australian Small Business Advisory Services (ASBAS). The ASBAS Digital Solutions team can provide help with setting up your website, online security and financial support schemes.

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