10-Year Customer Spotlight: Circul8

In light of BizCover’s 10-year birthday, we wanted to take a look at some of our customers who have been with us since the very beginning.

Today we’re looking at Circul8, a creative digital agency that specialises in marketing and digital innovation.

Alana Stocks, the founder of the agency, says she first started the business 13 years ago while she was studying architecture. It was while she was doing design work on the side to help pay the bills that she stumbled upon an innovative approach to digital marketing. Alana says that before she knew it, one thing led to another and they quickly gained traction, scoring high profile clients straight away. Alana then saw this as her calling.

“A very exciting path started to unravel before me which paved the way for Circul8 to grow into the brilliant team of hotshots it is today,” she explained.

When asked how she would describe the business in a nutshell, Alana said Circul8 is a “creative digital agency that specialises in marketing and digital innovation. We help forward-thinking brands gain awareness in the market through effective digital marketing and creative led solutions.”

When Circul8 first started out they were a small team of creatives working from Alana’s lounge room, until, 2 years in, they moved into a studio.

They’ve been riding the digital marketing and technology wave for the past decade, and as one can imagine, Circul8 has had to be flexible in what is an ever-changing landscape, in a fast-paced industry. Alana’s example of this is the types of projects they now work on, saying that “smartphone apps and social media didn’t really exist when I first started Circul8 and now it’s a large part of our business.” This emphasis on innovation has seen them work with some impressive clients, Japan National Tourism Organisation, Tourism Fiji, University of New South Wales, Amnesty International, Cancer Council Australia and Horticulture Innovation Australia – just to name a few.

Alana is incredibly proud of how far Circul8 has come but when asked what she believes to be business’s greatest achievement, she said it was when “Circul8 became the first independent digital agency in Australia to win a prestigious Webby Award in New York.” The Webbys, for those who don’t know, are ‘the Oscars of the internet’.

“It was a great honour for us”, she said. And they’ve just recently won another two Webbys for creating the Best Lifestyle App in the world, Plant Life Balance. She credits these achievements to “being able to grow and prosper while still staying true to our strong ethics and values.”

What does the future hold for Circul8? Alana says the future is in UX and using creative strategy to lead digital product development, digital transformation, automation and upskilling our clients in-house teams.

The favourite part about her job? Alana says it is when “all the pieces of the jigsaw come together to form a really exciting solution to a challenge is what drives me and where I feel the most satisfaction.”

Alana and her team of creatives have been running Circul8 for 13 years and they show no signs of slowing down. When asked what advice she would offer to aspiring business owners, she had this to share: “Make sure you love what you do before you start a business doing it because building a business is relentless. It’s full of highs and lows and you have to embrace all of it to succeed. You’ll be most successful if you can achieve work-life integration. This is a much more realistic concept then work-life balance.  The work doesn’t stop so you have to enjoy it.”

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