10 small businesses share what they love about their small business

To celebrate Valentine’s Day we went straight to the heart of owners from a variety of industries and asked them what they love most about their small business. From the challenges to the flexibility, and everything in between, read on to explore what’s to love about being your own boss.

Korryn Haines, Owner Encore Admin Consulting (virtual assistant business)

For Korryn, it is the challenges of running a virtual assistant business that they love most.  

“Working as an employee stifled my learning and now I have built a business where I am working for multiple industries and fellow small business owners. It requires me to be constantly learning and growing both personally and professionally and I am constantly needing to look at new ways to approach work for my clients”. 

Rob Lambert, Director of Flowers Across Melbourne

“I love solving problems and making complex things seem easy for both our team and our customers says Rob. 

Rob also loves the flexibility that comes with the role and being able to set his own hours and agenda. 

Judith Treanor, Owner of Temples and Markets (ethical online gift store)

There are many things that Judith loves about owning her ethical gift store, but when asked to pinpoint it she “loves having the flexibility in terms of work time. It is what I value most about being a small business owner and being able to affect positive change in the world through my business”. 

Janelle Sultan, Founder of CPD Box (an online platform assisting CPD educational providers)

Taking the leap into ‘solopreunership’ 7 months ago, Janelle hasn’t looked back since starting her own online educational platform business.

“I love that I was able to solve a problem between two industries and seeing my business grow organically across Australia.” 

She describes running her own business as a confidence booster that gives her a rewarding feeling.

Frank Farrelly, Owner of Darlinghurst Dental

Originally working at a corporate dental practice, Frank decided to go out on his own three years ago.  

“The best thing about running your own business is the flexibility, I can stock anything I want and I can move the business in any direction I want.” 

For Frank, even though it is a lot of extra work, he says running his own business is much more rewarding, not just for himself but for his patients too.  

Catherine Cervasio, Founder and CEO of A ROMABABY (natural skincare brand for mums and bubs)

Creating the first natural skincare brand for mothers and baby’s back in 1994, Catherine will be celebrating 25 years of running her own business this year and shares what she loves about her brand AROMABABY. 

The thing I love most is being able to positively impact others through the business. From the skincare products and the results they create to being able to provide financial/product sponsorship support to many countries around the world, the business is rewarding”. 

 Sharon Melamed, Owner of Match Board (an online business helping other businesses find suppliers)

Sharon is all about embracing the joy of freedom when it comes to running her own online business to business service. 

“I love the freedom, the creative freedom, financial freedom, freedom to do business with whom choose, and freedom to have time with my family based on flexible working hours”.

Rosi Shilo, Owner, Virtually Yours (virtual assistant)

Running a virtual assistant business means there is a lot of room for creativity and for Rosi it is

“being able to decide any which way I’d like to support other people

Having the flexibility and option to try new things and take risks is one of the reasons why she loves her job and she wouldn’t trade it in for any other job at any stage.

Karen Phillip, Owner of CC Hypnotherapy and Counselling

It’s more a case of what’s not to love about running your own business for Counselling Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist Karen. These are some of the key areas she loves about running her own business:

  • am in charge of my own diary and can set my own work hours 
  • No longer told what to do and how to do it 
  • Having the full responsibility for the outcome of my business decisions 
  • The dedication and capability

Jonathan Gorham Founder of Engine Scout(digital agency)

Prior to starting his own digital agency business, Jonathan worked in the corporate world for 8 years, and while it hasn’t all been smooth sailing, he says the positives definitely outweigh the negatives. 

“I love that no two days are the same. Every day I get to be creative and find myself learning something new all the time.” 

Throughout the process of running his own business Jonathan has learnt how to communicate better with his with customers, handle his finances and find more efficient ways of getting the job done. 

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