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Business insurance Australia

Here at BizCover we know full well how managing day-to-day business operations is a time-consuming task in itself. From keeping books to running operations, business demands are numerous and can be draining. Amidst the countless business demands, it is easy to overlook professional insurance cover, and this can lead to unpleasant consequences. No business can hope to operate competitively without insurance cover in place and here is where BizCover comes in. Our visionary online facility allows professionals and business owners of all sizes to keep their insurance policies up to date and running without a pause. Numerous business owners who have already taken advantage of our cutting-edge online services can attest to the fact that through our platform, sorting out quality insurance cover has never been easier and when it comes to browsing and directly comparing insurance quotes from Australia’s leading insurers our BizCover platform is the single best place to get everything under control.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service; we go above and beyond to ensure our services are top of the market by a wide margin. As Australia’s first and largest internet-based resource for professional insurance, our knowledge is unparalleled and our collective experience spans decades. We gladly put forth our knowledge and expertise to help businesses secure cover that suits their needs easily, reliably and completely hassle-free. When it comes to insurance, we lead the way in every respect and uphold our goal of keeping businesses comprehensively insured with maximum efficiency by utilizing the power of the internet.

A leading in business insurance agent

Here at BizCover, we know how freelance professionals and business owners need to be covered against each and every unfortunate eventuality and there is no better way to achieve that than to get a reliable insurance policy that perfectly suits their business needs. Our user-friendly internet-based facility is the ultimate resource for browsing, directly comparing and instantly purchasing cover from Australia’s leading insurance companies. We offer the widest range of insurance policies and people taking out policies through our platform can rest assured in the knowledge they are obtaining the best and most cost-efficient cover for their businesses.

In the past, securing a favorable insurance policy involved a lengthy paper trail and a considerable investment of time, resources and effort. Today, thanks to our high-tech online facility you can sort out the same favorable insurance policy in just a few minutes. That’s right! No need to fill out application forms, use physical mail or visit remote offices to sign papers. It’s simple; we make business insurance easy and when businesses are looking for affordable insurance cover in a hurry, there is no better place to obtain competitive and premium insurance policy than BizCover. We pride ourselves for putting the needs of our clients first and for that reason our website has risen to become one of the most visited and trustworthy online destinations where businesspeople can find real solutions just when they need them. All of Australia’s leading business insurance providers are readily available and directly accessible through our internet-based platform.

Business Insurance P Clay 2014-03-28 A very efficient service. We received your quote which was at a very competitive rate and were covered even before other companies had responded to our enquiry. 5
Business Insurance B Samms 2014-03-21 Easy transaction and reasonable value. 4
Business Insurance V Gionea 2014-02-14 Thank you 5
Business Insurance T Harrison 2014-02-10 With the ease of use on the website to acquire a quotation made the decision to go ahead with the cover simple. 5
Business Insurance H Miller 2014-02-07 Made everything straight forward and simple. Great service. Thank you. 5
Business Insurance j beckford 2014-02-04 Very easy to use, form pre-filled, saves me time 5
Business Insurance S Minihan 2014-02-03 Very efficient, punctual & helpful. 5
Business Insurance D Stevenson 2014-01-31 I thought Bizcover were excellent I never had any issues with them they helped me every step of the insurance and gave me recommedations to help decide what we really needed as a company. We are very happy with their services and will recommend them to our clients anytime. Administrator 5
Business Insurance J Alvir 2014-01-31 Great reminder service, courteous reply, quick no fuss renewal. 5
Business Insurance D Killiby 2014-01-30 Price competitive and very timely and flexible service Erick was great 5
Business Insurance L Anderson 2014-01-29 Easy and simple to use 5
Business Insurance B Wood 2014-01-28 Their products satisfy my customers insurance requirements perfectly. 5
Business Insurance R Miflin 2014-01-28 I was informed prior to the expiry date and advised of several payment methods. The method I chose (on line) was well explained and easy to follow. The whole transaction took less that 10 minutes. 5
Business Insurance T Silvester 2014-01-28 Easy process to use- no red tape and uncomplicated process which is what I was after 4
Business Insurance R Fenwick 2014-01-28 quick and easy price is good 5
Business Insurance M DUNNE 2014-01-28 I was impressed that they had pro-actively found me a cheaper renewal price without me having to ask. 5
Business Insurance t long 2014-01-28 competition price ,fast quotes, no paper work 4
Business Insurance k lye 2014-01-28 Erick J. W. R. Harmon gave me FANTASTIC help, nothing was too much trouble for him. If you reward your staff for their customer service skills, he should get top prize ! What a great employee you have ! 5
Business Insurance C Small 2014-01-28 Very easy to use the online service. 5
Business Insurance W Mills 2014-01-28 Great service. 5
Business Insurance P Watson 2014-01-28 Premiums are not as competitive as some, however, application and renewal process is much easier 4
Business Insurance R Malee 2014-01-28 i thought this survey takes only 15seconds as you said!!!! 5
Business Insurance R Malee 2014-01-28 just excellent one stop for insurance shop. please remain maintain your reasonable quotation and i will recommend to others, indeed. 5
Business Insurance N Krisanski 2014-01-28 easy way to get best cover for what I need. basic professional insurance. 5
Business Insurance T Ferris 2014-01-28 So easy to use and deal with 5
Business Insurance S Brown 2014-01-28 Easy to complete and payment was easier and saved me $500 so all in all it is a fantastic services that I will and have recommend to my clients and friends 5
Business Insurance C Polwarth 2014-01-28 Very easy to deal with, thanks 5
Business Insurance G Rankin 2014-01-28 Efficient, prompt provision of information and options 5
Business Insurance A Treurnicht 2013-11-04 Easy to use and swift processing. 5
Business Insurance K Hayek 2013-11-01 very user friendly service. I was able to renew online in few minutes. regular reminders are appreciated 5
Business Insurance R Mcclelland 2013-10-30 Service was good did not have any issues 4
Business Insurance N Chirico 2013-10-28 BizCover makes it easy to choose business insurance, and their renewal process ensures you not only save money, but you don't forget to renew your cover! 5
Business Insurance M Cremonese 2013-10-28 Easy to navigate the site. Quick qoutation and good value premiums. 4
Business Insurance H Murray 2013-10-27 I first contacted Bizcover in 2011. I had a very helpful chap help me through a few questions and it was great. Renewing my cover was simple and quick and i continue to be covered for this next year. Thanks for offering an efficient and helpful service. 5
Business Insurance L Mills 2013-10-26 The site was easy to get around and navigate costing was favorable and not as full on as asic which I got lost in and then had to e mail for answers to relevant questions 5
Business Insurance P Lund 2013-10-25 Great service. Easy. Good options found 5
Business Insurance P Dominic 2013-10-25 Easy 5
Business Insurance P Gordon 2013-10-25 Very easy to access the web site and to renew my policies. 5
Business Insurance N Baker 2013-10-25 I was at first confused as to whether or not i had renewed one or both of my policies. I received two separate emails so I thought I would have to submit two separate renewals. Other than that the very easy to work with. 4
Business Insurance R Fleming 2013-10-25 I have no complaints, I made no claims so I had no problem there so I am happy with the service and the company 4
Business Insurance P Newman 2013-10-25 The process was almost instant. The competition took days to respond to our request. Thankyou 5
Business Insurance J Toro 2013-10-24 I was new to the self employment game. I was recommended BizCover by a financial advisor. It was the best advice I could have received. An excellent company and made a difficult choice so easy. Thank you, I will recommend BizCover to anyone who requires such services. 5
Business Insurance J Kapeleris 2013-10-24 Great service with easy to use online quoting system where I was able to make an informed decision on the type of cover that I needed. 5
Business Insurance S Zheng 2013-10-24 Very friendly and professional. Excellent service! 5
Business Insurance F Gysberts 2013-10-24 Hi I thought the service was excellent. I found Eric to be very helpful and wouldn't hesitate to recomend Bizcover to my friends. Kind Regards Sharon gysberts 5
Business Insurance V Bonney 2013-10-24 Thought it was very good. Easy to follow and easy to complete each stage. Very quick and convenient with no waiting for call centre answerphone messages! 5
Business Insurance M Bayer 2013-10-24 Very good at making sure the cover fit my needs and following up. Your following up got you the sale as all the other brokers were very slow in responding. 4
Business Insurance R Hilton 2013-10-24 Great 5
Business Insurance D Hart 2013-10-24 Easy to complete and understand. Would use it again and will recommend to others 5
Business Insurance J Franklin 2013-10-24 Good service. 5
Business Insurance M Valzacchi 2013-10-24 Web site easy to access to renew policy 5
Business Insurance D Brigden 2013-10-24 Easy to use website 4
Business Insurance R Glanville 2013-10-24 Very quick and easy, as well as great value. 5
Business Insurance N Grudgfield 2013-10-24 Easy and fast way to get insurance - so much easier than all the others. 5
Business Insurance T Chesher 2013-10-24 Service and cover is good. Premiums are right. They contact me multiple times when renewal is around, otherwise I don't hear from them all year (suppose that's good). Haven't had to call on their cover yet, so not sure how good that side of their busines is... 4
Business Insurance R Payne 2013-10-24 pretty straightforward and easy 4
Business Insurance P Bergin 2013-10-24 This was the simplest and most effective way of getting comparative insurance quotes! I have struggled with getting insurance sales people to call back; when they did I had to fill in really, really long forms, and often I would not hear anything further from them. This was done in less than an hour and I am very satisfied. Thankyou 5
Business Insurance D Simonsen 2013-10-24 Fast and very cost competitive 5
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