8 small business start-up ideas for 2024

If you’re considering starting up your own business in 2024, take a moment to think how your business can thrive in this ‘new normal’ environment. Things have certainly changed in the wake of COVID-19 from the way consumers purchase products and services to how businesses are run, creating new opportunities and avenues to be explored.

In our guide, we take a look at a range of business start-up ideas that are ripe for the 2024 climate, giving you the inspiration you need to take that next step to becoming a small business owner.

Before you start…

The journey of a start-up business is one that begins with a solid business plan, a dose of motivation and a good kick of determination. Getting in order all the elements that will make your business a reality like your finances, the products/services you’ll be offering and understanding the market you’re entering are essential to the success of your business.

If you’re feeling a bit unsure of where to start, there are plenty of resources available to guide you onto the right track of your start-up adventure.

Top 8 small business start-up business ideas

1. Virtual Assistant

The need for virtual assistants has boomed in recent times, especially with more businesses working remotely and through the advancement of technological resources. The scope of work for virtual assistants can range from assisting large scale companies to solopreneurs, needing someone to manage the day-to-day running of their business.

Virtual assistants can be involved with a variety of tasks from answering phone calls to scheduling meetings and performing other required administrative tasks, so experience working with different systems and being organised are skills which will come in handy.

2. Consultant

Consultancy is a great opening for anyone who has a strong skill set and knowledge of a specific industry, wanting to pave their own career path. It’s a flexible type of start-up that can be tailored to suit your own business’ needs. For some this may involve a work from home set-up, for others it’s constantly being on the road visiting clients or renting a space to run the business from.

These are some examples of popular consultant professions:

3. Teach online

Days of the conventional classroom with the blackboard are long gone, and thankfully with the amazing world of the internet, online education has boomed in popularity. There are many opportunities to teach online, from personalised one–on–one tutorials, to creating courses and sharing your passion through online platforms.

Your first steps will be establishing what topics you’re going to teach and which platform you want to work with. There are many different types of online education platforms on the market so do your research and find the one that is best suited to your style and subjects you’re going to teach.

4. Cleaning services

While many types of start-up businesses are based online, cleaning is a job that involves physical on-location labour. Now more than ever, all different types of cliental are requiring the skills of professional cleaning services from domestic jobs to offices and other commercial spaces.

Running a cleaning business requires having your own cleaning materials, transport and even a few extra pairs of hands if you’re tackling bigger jobs. It’s a start-up option that requires a relatively low overhead and through a bit of organisation and clever marketing can quickly turn into a lucrative business.

5. App Developer

If you have IT experience and know-how, have you thought about becoming an app developer? With smartphones being an essential part of our daily lives, there is almost an app for everything, with no sign of the need for new app ideas slowing down.

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For those wanting to brush up on their IT app development skills there is a course designed specifically for those wanting to become app developers, providing all the tools and resources needed to learn more.

6. Digital marketer

Digital marketing has become fundamental to many businesses and their marketing strategy. The online world is competitive, and the role of a digital marketer involves a creative and tactical mindset to cut through the noise, making their client stand out from the crowd.

For many medium to large sized businesses, digital marketing is a skill that is usefully outsourced, creating the in-demand opportunity for freelance digital marketers to step in and exercise their skills. Digital marketing is a broad field and covers areas like SEO/pay-per-click (PPC) specialist, social media managers and affiliate brand ambassadors to name a few.

7. Video Production

The consumption of online video content is continually rising and so is the need for skilled video producers. If you’ve got the skills to record, edit, cut and knowledge to publish videos then this could be the start-up for you.

Initial outlay will involve having a space with the right lighting set, sound recording devices, cameras and the editing software. And if you don’t have the spare cash to fork out on new equipment, fear not as there are many places that sell second-hand equipment, perfect for starting out.

8. Career coach

Being a career coach involves helping people who may be unemployed or looking to change career paths. With the impact of COVID-19, many people are looking for employment opportunities and ways to upskill their current skill set.

This is an ideal start-up opportunity if you love assisting others, thinking outside the square and not afraid to take on a challenge. Helping your clients prepare for job interviews, re-writing resumes, and giving them the confidence needed to succeed are all part of your daily work as a career coach.

Get it started

There are plenty of exciting and varying opportunities to start up your own business in 2024. No matter which path you take, getting your business insurance sorted should be one of the first things on your business to do list. Having the appropriate protection in place from the start can help save headaches down the track.

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