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Public Liability

Protects you and your business against the legal costs of a claim for injury or damage to the property of others that occurs while you are providing a service, either at your work place or another location.

Professional Indemnity

Protects you and your staff against financial losses for any legal action taken against your business for services or advice you have provided.

Business Insurance

Protects your business contents and equipment from unexpected events like fire, theft or accidental damage anywhere in Australia.

Management Liability

Protects your company and you as a director, including your personal assets, against legal costs for allegations of mismanagement, misconduct or legislative breaches.

Cyber Insurance

Protects your business against the expenses and legal costs associated with data breaches, being hacked or the theft of client information.

Tax Audit Insurance

Takes the financial sting out of a sudden and unforeseen tax audit. It covers the fees of an accountant in connection with tax audits.

As Australia’s No. 1 online business insurance service, we make comparing and buying business insurance quicker, easier and more cost-effective. Sometimes it can take ages for the big brokers to get back to you with a quote, that’s why you can click, compare and get cover through us in minutes.

So, just what makes us number 1?

We make it simple

It’s all online or over the phone with no tricky paperwork to complete. Policy documents are emailed instantly.

We give you choice

Get multiple quotes online in seconds from top-rated Australian insurers. You can pay annually upfront, or monthly. Your call.

We offer clear, competitive pricing

We’ve streamlined our costs and sweet-talked the insurers to get you great prices – backed by our Price Promise.

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No worries. Jump online now and view our comparative quotes for real value so when you are ready to renew, you’ll know what you’re in for. We’re pretty confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what you see.

L Winn 2016-06-08 The call I got was brilliant and very helpful they fulfilled my request quickly and i had it all sorted in just a couple of minutes and cheaper than i had originally seen. 5
S Gunn 2016-06-01 I was impressed with how easy the website was to use and would definitely recommend Bizcover to anyone needing business insurance 5
K Mckay 2016-05-25 I have always been happy with the Bizcover service. However, sometimes there is a lack of attention to detail which can result in inaccuracy which then needs to be corrected. The phone sales service is very good, with friendly and helpful staff. I would (and have) recommend Bizcover to others. 4
R Mason 2016-05-24 Fast 4
G Visser 2016-05-19 All OK 4
L Garbellini 2016-05-14 quick and easy to renew my cover 5
G Birdsall 2016-05-11 easy to use and good prices thanks 5
P McKenna 2016-05-11 very good 4
C Sheridan 2016-05-10 Easy and quick. Good process. 5
M stoveld 2016-05-10 Good service Ive never had to make a claim and hope I never have to. In saying that I would like to see premiums reduced every year if claims are not made Overall they are reasonable. 4
A Jameson 2016-05-07 I had just changed my address details with the company 4
S Veljkovic 2016-05-06 Standard service given. 4
R Foster 2016-05-05 Affordable and easy to navigate insurance. Highly recommend. 5
R Avasalu 2016-05-05 The first Andrew that i deal with was rude and pushy. He can across as annoyed when i couldn't call him back and generated a new quote to see my options. He should understand that this is not my only priority at the moment. I was thankful that another Andrew picked up the phone next time and couldn't have been more helpful! He took time to explain things to me and understand what i needed. He was happy for me to take as much time to think it over and i was happy with what he had explained so i signed up. 4
K Moore 2016-05-04 The guy I spoke to was helpful. 5
D Ellis 2016-05-04 Efficient and timely 5
D Leary 2016-05-04 Efficient service. 5
P Kennison 2016-05-04 Simple as joining online and efficient 5
J Britto 2016-04-26 Easy to use. Thanks 5
J Lilley 2016-04-26 Very good 4
J Ward 2016-04-22 Great customer service and support through the whole process. Friendly and caring staff too! 5
S Burrows 2016-04-21 Ability to choose cover is easy and clear to understand. I was able to take out the right cover very quickly. Ideal choice for small businesses trying to take out cover. 5
H Abdelnour 2016-04-21 Easy to talk to, informative and professional. 5
N Pilon 2016-04-21 Good quick service............Thank you 4
J Oldham 2016-04-21 Thanks 5
K Scott 2016-04-21 Easy to navigate, and easy to use. 5
K Eiszelt 2016-04-21 Followed up my enquiry and kept contact with me until I was ready to commit to a policy. 5
J Roy 2016-04-20 Excellent 5
J Sharp 2016-04-20 Easy & Pleasent 5
C Parmenter 2016-04-20 I haven't had to deal much with them yet, however join up so super easy and convenient. 4
D Spears 2016-04-20 Excellent service and very easy to use. I needed to update a policy and all I had to do was log into my account and upgrade a policy. So easy and time saving. 5
D Killin 2016-04-20 BizCover are cheap but responsive - just what I was looking for. I will continue to use BizCover in the future for my PI & PL insurance. 5
K Butler 2016-04-20 Great and affordable service with immediate response 5
P Hellawell 2016-04-20 The best online quotation system I could find. Quick turnaround. 5
P Saunders 2016-04-14 I've been buying PI Insurance for about 30 years and Bizcover is by far the easiest and least hassle insurance broker I have ever dealt with. 5
M Szeles 2016-04-14 Easy & efficient 5
J Monger 2016-04-12 Hello, I was very impressed with Andrew, the man who took my call. How he explained the cover and the fact that it was available to me almost immediately at a very reasonable rate. Yes I would recommend them to others. 5
L Clifton 2016-04-12 Very easy, fast & friendly 5
M Page 2016-04-12 Easy to use... efficient, straight forward. 5
C Algeo 2016-04-12 Fast, professional and very helpful service. 5
A Stott 2016-04-12 Bizcover have highly skilled staff who go out of their way to assist customers. 5
S Martin 2016-04-12 Took the time to explain everything in detail and made good recommendations. I definitely recommend BizCover. 5
P Khazaal 2016-04-12 It was an extremely seemless process, and made renewing my cover easy. 5
P Zhang 2016-04-12 Good one ! 5
M Turner 2016-04-12 Very easy 5
M EVANS 2016-03-17 Online tool is very easy to use. I organised my professional insurance for the coming year in a few minutes. A great company! 5
R Xie 2016-03-16 The review is just to bizcover rather than to the insurance policy. Bizcover provided a convenient way for me to select the suitable insurance for me. But one of the funny thing was, when I select the lower policy amount, the offer is not very limited. When I changed it to a higher policy amount, the premium actually went down due to more insurance company can provide such product. Not sure if there's other better way to list the options such as from the lowest premium to the highest with different policy price listed respectively? 4
M Maldonado 2016-03-16 Service was excellent and super quick 5
R Donaldson 2016-03-11 An expedient system to obtain the insurance criteria that is required at a competitive cost. 5
J Manning 2016-03-09 simple and easy 5
B Sutton 2016-03-08 Easy to use. Great information. 5
E Johnson 2016-02-08 Really comprehensive service. Really fast cover!! Very happy. 5
W O'Toole 2016-02-05 simple renewal process is excellent and cost is very competitive - I would recommend/have recommended Bizcover to colleagues. 5
R Saunders 2016-02-05 I found a list of possible insurers and went to the web of the first one listed had to make a phone call, left details and waited for an email -it took too long. Then I went to Bizcover and found I could do the whole lot online in a few minutes. EASY to do and GREAT. 5
D Evans 2016-02-05 The fact that we can now automatically renew our policies takes a burden off or already heavy paperwork responibilities 5
S Shaw 2016-01-23 Happy with service. However have been charged twice pending a refund on 2nd payment. 5
Q Zhang 2016-01-22 Easy to follow the online services. No jargon. Price is reasonable. Strongly recommend. 5
C Hill 2016-01-22 The insurance I was after was fairly generic and I needed it in order to be licensed to practice. The process was quick and easy which suited me well. 5
H McLachlan 2016-01-22 This was just a renewal, but as always was made so easy Thank you until next year 5
S Sayem 2015-12-17 I would recommend biz cover and will buy from them again. Easy to use online system. Different options were displayed for comparison. 4
S Shreedharan 2015-12-16 Splendid service! I have no problems recommending this company to you. 5
S Clarke 2015-12-16 easy and efficient 5
V Tjeuw 2015-12-16 been with BizCover for many years. this year they debited my credit card twice and need to call them twice to rectify the issues. that's all. yes will recommend them and buy fromthem again. 4
W Alexander 2015-12-15 Excellent service. Would recommend your service and products . Cheers Brian. 5
V McJannett 2015-12-15 I have 2 business insurances with Biz Cover, the online renewal and payment system is great, never have any problems with it. Yes I would recommend and yes I will purchase again. 5
D Anderson 2015-12-15 Quick and easy transactions, no problems whatsoever I would recommend Bizcover to friends and colleagues. I owuld buy from them again. 5
N Spicer 2015-12-15 all good and would recommend to others 5
L Talbot 2015-12-15 fast and easy to use 5
J Kibblewhite 2015-12-15 Great 5
L Evans 2015-12-15 Easy, competitive and most of all clear! 5
M Dee 2015-10-22 I was looking for Professional Indemnity Insurance and the website was so easy to use. It gave me options to suit my budget and needs. Would totally recommend BizCover.com.au. 5
S Hardy 2015-09-19 Easy no fuss arrangement 5
L Burling 2015-09-18 Easy to renew their online 5
D Alberth 2015-09-18 Easy service to use. 5
S Padey 2015-09-05 As I ordered this insurance on-line, I can't say a lot about one to one customer service, but the overall experience was professional and prompt. I would use them again, thank you. 4
S Thomas 2015-09-02 Very good 5
D Vernon-Woods 2015-09-01 Very happy with their products and their service has always been fast and effective, so I will continue to use BizCover for all of our future business insurance requirements. Regards Don Woods, Sydney. 5
J Price 2015-09-01 Out of all of my experiences in dealing with suppliers over the web Biz Cover is by far the best. Their response is timely, staff exceptional and product perfect for my requirements. 5
S Scarborough 2015-08-30 Extremely happy with the Immediate response and organised coverage I would recommend them to anyone 5
G Korbula 2015-08-29 Fast, efficient. knowledgeable and cost effective service on-line. Very happy with their customer service arm - timely reminders when policies are due. 5
P Kokic 2015-08-28 Efficient service and the prices of the policies are excellent 5
S Kmetova 2015-08-28 Organising indemnity insurance was quick and easy and I even got a call back and the staff member was really helpful and knowledgeable. 5
J McRae 2015-08-28 Very easy and the staff were lovely. I did recommend Bizcover to another colleague and apparently I was to receive a gift voucher that never arrived. So as a suggestion do what you say you're going to do, no biggy though. It hasn't changed my opinion of the insurance service which is great. 5
W Nutt 2015-08-28 Your customer service is always fabulous!....Extremely polite and very helpful. Thank You 5
L Shi 2015-08-27 Excellent and efficient service 5
K Wilkie 2015-08-27 The service was efficient and effective. 5
P Timbrell 2015-08-27 I can't give a different score for their service because they did nothing wrong. The price was good, renewal was so easy. Everything just went without fault. 5
D Turner 2015-08-27 Renewing was a very easy event, with a fair proposal from Bizcover. My dealings with Bizcover have been upfront and quick. 5
P Darveniza 2015-08-27 The ease of use and efficiency was excellent 5
L Glanfield 2015-08-27 Extremely easy to identify nature of comparative cover and pricing and fairly straightforward transaction process. 5
N Wan 2015-08-27 Very competitive price. Service is great. 5
K Yeoward 2015-08-27 Very good 5
M Petrou 2015-08-27 The encounters I've had were easy and quick, very efficient. 4
K BATEMAN 2015-06-29 Very good - easy to use and loved the cheaper quotes... 5
R Skilleter 2015-06-27 Easy to use and relatively painless (unless the $ paid are very high). 5
R Flemons 2015-06-24 very good service and a great facility 5
R Swardt 2015-06-21 Fast and easy, hassle free - thank you 5
P Grace 2015-06-19 It was easy and efficient 5
L Koutsos 2015-06-19 The auto renewal process couldn't be easier - just follow each step and you're done in 2 mins 5
R Malim 2015-06-18 I couldn't ask for more. It was so easy. Step by step all the way to the finish. No time wasted. 5
S Mulcahy 2015-06-18 fast and esay 5
H Bishop 2015-06-18 Great service. 5
P Lester 2015-06-18 Simple, easy on line renewal. fast confirmation via email. 5
J Cleary 2015-06-18 Excellent 5
M Wyatt 2015-06-18 If you are comfortable with your insurance needs the BizCover is a fantastic solution to organise your business cover. Their staff are on the phones if you need a little extra help. Have been using for about six years now and not about to change. 5
A Pooley 2015-06-18 By exception renewals make life easy. Its very much appreciated in reducing administrative hours. 5
R Firth 2015-06-18 Using Bizcover has been a pleasure and whilst I require this insurance i will continue to use their sevices 5
R epps 2015-06-18 extremely helpful and met all my requirements 5
S Northover 2015-06-18 Service was really good Very easy to complete 5
P Marinel 2015-06-18 .. 5
T Nguyen 2015-06-18 Quotes done online therefore save lots of time & phone calls, payment approved online, prompt service, convenience and competitive price. Overall, I am so happy with BizCover. 5
L Ciancio 2015-06-18 straight-forward and easy to implement 5
M Wyatt 2015-06-18 The service is quick and simple, especially when renewing a policy. The staff have been helpful, friendly and have never been pushy. 5
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