Electrician marketing – 12 tips to grow a small electrical business

Growing a business is ultimately about increasing revenue. While you can look at growing your team, growing your capabilities, or growing your number of clients, ultimately the end game is all about growing your revenue.

So, how can you increase your revenue? It is important to increase your job opportunities or the number of jobs you are awarded. While this can be difficult, electrical businesses that fail to grow may ultimately have a hard time staying in business long-term.

Getting a regular flow of clients is essential to developing a profitable electrician business and to grow a small electrical business. Bear in mind that you may not get a lot of repeat business due to the nature of electrical work, because many clients offer one-off jobs on a sporadic basis.

When considering how to scale an electrical business, you’ll can benefit from concentrating your efforts on generating an ongoing pipeline of leads, which requires a sturdy electrician marketing plan. It is important to know how to create a marketing plan for your electrician business.

How to create a marketing plan for your electrical business

In terms of the basics of marketing for electricians, your business can benefit greatly by having a company website with a landing page and social media accounts to send leads to. In addition to your online marketing activities, you may also consider printing flyers and business cards for offline use. Having some creative electrical business growth ideas up your sleeves will also come in handy.

Create a great company website

When considering how to advertise an electrical business, remember that an attractive company website can be worth its marketing weight in gold. In order to advertise your electrical contracting business, you may consider creating an engaging company website. Your website should be user-friendly for desktop and mobile devices, informative, and it must load quickly. It should at the very least contain details about your company’s history, the services it offers, its location and service region, and its contact details

In order to make it easier for leads to email you, it should also have a contact form. Do not forget that your website serves as the foundation for your online reputation.

Develop a social media strategy for electrical contractors

Regardless of your electrical area of expertise, social media is a crucial component of online marketing, since social signals play a role in how Google ranks your company website.

Start by creating a Facebook page. As you gain experience using social media to communicate with your target audience, you can add more social platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. Every platform has its own analytics so you can discover how users are interacting with you. Focus on customer input as you grow your audience and use it to modify your strategy.

Create better team relationships

If you own a small business that employs only a few people, such as an electrical service company with only one employee, it is crucial that everyone on your team gets along and is recognised.

A good working relationship between staff members is key to a successful electrical business. Individual recognition, respect, teamwork and communication are also key to creating a culture of trust. Communication is difficult when there are “cowboys or cowgirls on the range”. These are staff performing work outside of your office, and who you have less direct engagement with.

Marketing and lead generation tips for electricians

So, what are some of the most effective strategies when it comes to how to get clients for an electrical business?

You’ll be able to start producing leads that can be converted into new clients once your company website and social media platforms are set up and populated with useful information for your customers. Here’s how to develop a marketing plan to get more electrician leads for your business.

1. Get your systems and processes right

One of the first things to do is to get your systems and processes working efficiently. There’s no point winning more jobs and growing your business if it all gets choked up in your internal systems. A quick win here can be adopting a job management platform to help you more efficiently manage you jobs. Such job management platforms can enable you to automate certain parts of your business processes, such as invoicing.

The other benefit is that even if you don’t end up growing your revenue by a huge amount, you might end up increasing your profitability thanks to more efficient systems.

And you know, sometimes increased profitability can be a lot more satisfying than increased revenue.

2. Local SEO

 A prospective customer will use Google to find local businesses when they require any form of electrical service. The higher you rank in the search engine results for local search, the more potential customers you’ll attract. As a result, ranking locally in search results should be a top focus of your electrician marketing plan.

Start by registering your company with Google Maps. Put your primary keyword in the name of your company. Your NAP (name, address, and phone number) consistency may be negatively impacted by this strategy, but the potential rank improvement can be worthwhile. Additionally, you can maintain consistency and improve your ranking by updating all of your other NAP listings to match the keyword-focused business name.

When you claim your Google business listing, you also gain verified status, which gives you greater control over what customers see when they click on your listing and more options to optimise it.

3. Improve your Google business profile

Make sure you provide every piece of information Google requests, because the more details they have about your company, the better your chances are of ranking higher. Make sure the following details are accurate and complete:

  • Contact details, such as phone number and email address.
  • Company address.
  • Company website URL.
  • Hours of operation.
  • Industry specialisations.
  • Images of your work, office, and team.
  • Description of what you do and the areas you serve.
  • Configure the message and reservation features so that people can contact you without leaving Google. Answer your most often asked questions in the questions and answers section.

4. Perfect your branding

There are many ideas about what branding is. While some people think branding is just your logo, business card, and so on, others see branding as everything that has an impact on a client, and rightly so.

The reality is that many, many elements combine to contribute to your branding, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • the name of your business;
  • your company logo;
  • your business cards;
  • corporate stationery (letterheads etc);
  • signage on your company vehicles;
  • staff uniforms; and
  • your company website.

5. React quickly to leads

Customers should be able to contact you quickly and easily through your company website. A web chat option or a connection to your mobile app, if you have one, are two of the quickest and easiest ways of accomplishing this. Your leads might not necessarily choose the first business they get in touch with, but rather the first that responds to their call or email, particularly if they have urgent needs. If you try to contact a lead within five minutes as, opposed to waiting 30 minutes, your chances of success are much, much higher.

6. Ask for customer testimonials

Customer testimonials are crucial for search engine optimisation (SEO), but they are also the main source of new business for many electricians. They function similarly to word-of-mouth advertising in promoting your company. So it’s can be a good idea to encourage your consumers to post reviews for your business on numerous websites.

Google Evaluations enables businesses to ask for reviews in an ethical manner. You could invite clients to leave reviews for your company not only on Google, but also on Facebook, Yelp, and other sites. Simply request the review when the task is finished.

7. Build listings for your business

Citations are references to your company in business directories, business organisations, and online publications relevant to your industry. One of many potential citations is your Google My Business listing. Leaving as many online citations as you will help your ranking prospects; the more citations you have, the better. Find your company on these websites and either build a new profile or claim the one that already exists.

8. Share educational materials on your company website

Your company website’s blog gives you additional opportunities to increase your search engine rankings. Additionally, you can use the blog to include content marketing in your overarching plan. Instead of focusing on industry experts, concentrate on creating training materials that speak to your clients. Write on topics like lighting upgrades, using a generator, and general electrical safety tips that your audience may benefit from learning.

9. Community partnerships and electrician referral marketing

Establishing strategic alliances with other local companies is one of the easiest ways for an electrician to expand their business. Think about offering your skills to charities at silent auctions so you can gain new clients from the winner and raise awareness for your donation.

Cooperate with contractors in different fields so they may refer customers to you, and you can do the same for them. Consider joining reputable electrician trade associations like the Master Electricians Australia. Use email marketing to stay in touch with previous clients and spread the word about your referral program so they may receive rewards for referring your new business.

10. Cultivate word of mouth marketing

 When someone needs an electrical contractor company, they no longer turn to the yellow pages and call the first number they see. Most people ask friends and relatives if they know someone who can handle the job.

11. Seek referrals through social media

Use your social media presence as a referral channel, and also for reviews. Social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok can all be leveraged in creative ways play to build trust and engagement with potential clients, which will raise awareness of your business and can lead to new business opportunities. Ensure that your social media accounts present a bright and glowing view of your company and its services.

12. Offer more electrical services

After a customer has used your services, make sure to let them know about the other services that you offer. It is important to tell customers that you offer many, many more electrical services than just fixing a wall outlet or hanging a light fixture.

Remind them that you are able to wire any size house, office or commercial building. Inform them that you conduct home inspections too (if you do).

Advertise seasonal offerings such as the installation of Christmas lights and yard displays. Show them pictures of your most striking outdoor lighting projects in the spring. A photo of your home with discretely placed lights or decorative strung lights will entice people. Give them a free estimate of how you can make their home unique and luxurious.

Service contracts might be an option, especially for businesses. A client might sign such an agreement to have your company perform only electrical services.

Consider keeping in regular touch with your customers to find out what they want. If you don’t offer that service, consider adding it to your offering. This may mean hiring new employees that are certified and trained in specific areas of electrical work.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook can help drive traffic and leads to your electrician company website. Google’s search results and the sidebar or news feed of Facebook both offer advertising real estate that electrician businesses can purchase.

Get started with marketing today

Whether you are looking to grow a small electrical business or seeking new ideas around how to make money as an electrical contractor, getting proactive with strategic marketing activities such as those mentioned above

Like any other trade or profession, electricians can increase their leads and revenue potential by embracing marketing strategies. Your marketing efforts will be rewarded further if you also concentrate on offering a high-quality customer experience online and in person.

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