16 profitable business ideas in Townsville in 2024 and beyond

Townsville is at the forefront of an entrepreneurial boom. The city’s blend of a supportive business environment and economic growth makes it a hotspot for new business ideas. If you’re looking to start a business in 2024, Townsville offers a promising location for your venture to thrive.

Online business ideas in Townsville

The digital revolution continues to transform the way businesses operate, and Townsville is no exception. With the steady growth of internet users, entrepreneurs in Townsville have a vast, untapped market at their fingertips.

1. Digital marketing services

As more and more businesses compete for visibility in a crowded digital space, it has generated a significant demand for specialists who can propel businesses into the spotlight. By offering services such as social media management or pay-per-click advertising, you can help businesses flourish in this digital age and carve a successful niche for yourself.

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2. Online Retail Stores

E-commerce has transformed the way we shop. Launching an online store in Townsville means you’re not just catering to locals but potentially reaching a nationwide audience. Whether it’s fashion, electronics, or custom products, the online retail space offers flexibility and scalability that brick-and-mortar stores might not.

3. Online tutoring

This business idea isn’t just limited to academic subjects but extends to music, art, and even professional courses. Online tutoring allows for a flexible work schedule and the ability to reach a broader student base. It’s a rewarding venture for those looking to share their knowledge and make a positive impact on learners’ lives.

4. Online bookstores

Online bookstores not only offer convenience but also a vast collection at the click of a button. This venture isn’t limited to just selling new releases; there’s a flourishing market for used books, first editions, and niche genres.

Small business ideas in Townsville

Townsville’s vibrant local economy offers fertile ground for small businesses that can drive growth, create job opportunities and add a unique flavour to our community.

5. Restaurants

Opening a restaurant in Townsville capitalises on the region’s diverse culinary tastes and growing foodie culture. Apart from serving mouth-watering dishes, a restaurant can also serve as a space for community gatherings and memorable family occasions.

6. Personal Fitness

The emphasis on health and wellness has soared, and Townsville is no exception. Starting a personal fitness business caters to this growing demand. As you guide individuals towards their fitness aspirations, you also contribute to the overall health of the community.

7. Business Consultancy

Navigating the complexities of the business world can be overwhelming for many. By launching a business consultancy, you can guide local entrepreneurs and firms, offering expertise in areas like marketing, human resources, and public relations. Your insights can empower businesses to operate more efficiently and achieve their objectives.

8. Courier Services

As online commerce continues to grow, so does the need for reliable courier services. By entering this market, you can fulfil a critical role in Townsville’s business ecosystem, connecting products to customers. This business promises growth and expansion opportunities, especially if you focus on customer satisfaction and efficient service delivery.

9. Makeup Artist

For those with a passion for beauty, working as a makeup artist in Townsville is a great way for creative individuals to showcase their talent. This business can be both fulfilling and profitable, as you build a client base who trusts you for their most special moments.

10. Nail Salon

Starting a nail salon is a great way to join the ever-growing beauty sector in Townsville. More than just offering manicures and pedicures, you’ll be creating a welcoming space where clients can enjoy a bit of luxury. This kind of business can grow quickly through word-of-mouth, especially if you’re offering unique or high-quality nail services.

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11. Event planning

Townsville’s rich cultural heritage and lively community offers a ripe market for an event planning business. You’ll play a key role in helping people celebrate life’s major milestones, from cultural festivals and weddings to corporate events.

New business ideas in Townsville

The ever-evolving market of Townsville opens doors to exciting new business opportunities. Each of these ventures carries the potential for both personal fulfilment and economic gain.

12. Bakery

Starting a bakery in Townsville can tap into the town’s love for quality, homemade treats.  Successful bakeries can quickly become local attractions, ensuring a steady stream of customers and revenue.

13. Career Counselling

As new industries emerge and the job market evolves, career counselling is becoming increasingly important. Starting a career counselling service in Townsville means you guide individuals towards fulfilling careers and help them achieve their professional goals.

14. Tea shop

This business caters to tea enthusiasts looking for variety, quality, and unique blends. Entrepreneurs can profit off a niche market, while creating a tranquil space for customers to explore and enjoy different teas.

15. CCTV and Surveillance

The demand for high-quality security solutions is on the rise. By starting a CCTV and surveillance service, you address this need, offering peace of mind to your customers. This business not only provides consistent opportunities but also positions you as a trusted partner in the community’s safety and security.

16. Travel services

Travel is making a strong comeback post-COVID, presenting a golden opportunity to start a travel agency in Townsville. By specialising in unique, personalised travel packages, you can build a business that offers profitable returns and creates unforgettable experiences for your clients.

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