7 Essential Steps to Get Cleaning Contracts

As a cleaning company, whether you are new or established, you will need to look at building a base of recurring customers with whom you have a contract. Even in the darkest of circumstances, loyal clients who are regulars may keep your business viable.

Cleaning businesses that work on a contract basis can be very profitable. Cleaning services for offices, banks, schools, and hotels are all examples of businesses which may require a contract. Putting contracts in place will help to ensure you have a regular supply of customers so you don’t have to look for new ones all the time.

However, cleaning contracts are by no means simple to come by. Organisations must maintain a favourable image, and keeping the premises clean is an important part of that. They’ll only hire cleaners who are professional and provide excellent customer service.

Below are easy-to-follow procedures that will ‘guide’ you through the process of obtaining cleaning contracts.

Cleaning Contracts: How to Get Them

Commercial cleaning has the advantage of being able to be converted into a regular task.

Banks, hotels, and businesses all have a lot of foot traffic. As a result, they must be cleaned on a weekly basis at the very least. Big businesses value cleanliness, which presents an economic opportunity for cleaning companies.

Here are some strategies for obtaining cleaning contracts from businesses in your market:

1. Do your homework

Whether you’ve been in the cleaning business for a long time or are just getting started, you may need to aggressively chase large clients for contracts; they’re unlikely to come looking for you.

The first thing you should do is conduct market research. Take your time to investigate the many business options that are available.

If you live in a major city, you’ll have a plethora of options. However, it’s preferable to start small and within your own neighbourhood and surroundings.

Which companies do you believe would require cleaning services on a contract basis? Create a list of potential opportunities and begin by contacting local banks and offices.

Although most schools have their own cleaners, it isn’t a bad idea to search around for schools that may be in need of frequent cleaning, particularly deep cleaning every now and again.

2. Set yourself apart from the rest

The cleaning sector is a competitive one. So you’ll need to differentiate yourself from the competition, and one method to accomplish this is  by focusing on specialist cleaning services.

You may provide normal cleaning services as well as specialty cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, roof and gutter cleaning, floor polishing, and window cleaning.

These specialised services will make it easier for you to get consumers than if you just conducted basic cleaning.

Specialise doesn’t have to imply providing a service. It might also be a feature or habit that you use in your company. For example, you may provide instant availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so that your services can be accessed at any time. Similarly, to safeguard the safety and wellbeing of your customers, you may offer to only use organic cleaning products.

3. Establish a Professional Image

You’ll need a very professional brand to acquire a commercial cleaning contract. Big organisations will not engage with just any company that provides cleaning services. Your brand must appear to be reliable and  professional.

Your brand identity, which includes your company name, logo, and even a tag line, is of utmost importance.

A significant factor in getting your brand out there is with your company’s website. This is where you can make an impact that will stay.

Any office or other business you contact for a cleaning contract will conduct an online search of your company. Your cleaning website will be the first thing they see.

It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but it should appear professional and include enough information for the client to comprehend what you have to offer.

Your website should clearly outline the services you provide, preferably with prices. Similarly, if your firm employs cleaners, you could want to promote them on your website as well. Make sure you make it easy for people to contact you whether it be by phone, email ,instant messaging or social media.

When it comes to winning contracts, marketing is equally vital. The most efficient technique to pique people’s attention is through social media marketing. You should have an active online presence, particularly on Facebook and Twitter, as these platforms are particularly important for cleaning company promotion.

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4. Make use of testimonies

A company seeking commercial cleaning businesses to engage on a contract would most likely want to know about your previous clients. Testimonials are your biggest friend when it comes to building your cleaning business’ reputation.

You can include previous clients’ testimonials on your website or social media if you have any. You should even bring them up during your encounter with the potential customer. If it’s a well-known company, you can get permission from a past client to utilise their testimonials or reviews on your website.

The majority of organisations trying to recruit you will look at your internet reviews. As a result, you must have favourable ratings on any site, such as Facebook or Google.

Encourage your consumers to submit comments on your social media platforms and review sites like as Yelp so that other potential customers may see it.

5. Offer discounts and value-added services

Customers who are interested in starting cleaning contracts with you may expect a discount or special offer. After all, at the end of the day most people are wanting to save where they can.

The greater the price reduction you provide, the more likely it is that you will clinch the business. That does not, however, imply that you should operate at a loss.

This is why you must assess how much it will cost you to supply the services that the company requires. There are several factors at play here:

  • The term of the agreement
  • The cleaning method
  • The cleaning frequency
  • The amount of cleaners available
  • The equipment cost

While you may design common packages depending on organization sizes, you may need to develop a personalised offer for most consumers.

For the offer to be appealing to the potential customer, you should strive to give reasonable discounts or include additional services at no cost.

Because several cleaning businesses will be fighting for the contract, this is another smart strategy for beating the competition. You may differentiate yourself from the competition by offering better pricing and, of course, better service.

6. Develop Contracts That Are Detailed and Professional

It’s time to make things official once the customer has consented to engage your cleaning company. Cleaning contract templates can easily be found on the internet if you need a guide to get you started. Cleaning contract templates vary by nation, so if you’re in Australia, seek an Australian cleaning contract template.

Keep it broad, but not too generic—you’ll want to include all of the specifics you talked over the phone or in person.

Make sure to include a clear description of the services you’ll offer the company. If some of the services require more effort or notice, make sure you put a provision in the contract stating so.

The contract should include the cost of each cleaning session as well as how your cleaning business will be compensated. As your contract advances, you can allow some room for additions. Who knows, once you’ve been with them for a time, they could demand even more services.

Make sure that both sides agree on the finer points by sending the document to the customer. You may seal the sale after everything is in order.

7. Increase the Number of Cleaning Contracts

Obtaining as many contracts as possible may be one of your business growth methods. Obviously, the more regular clients you have, the more profitable your cleaning service will be.

It’s critical for commercial cleaning firms to have repeat customers that hire them on a regular basis. It will assist you in paying your overhead and all of your employees. And the good news is that commercial cleaning pays well.

Once you’ve secured one or two cleaning services contracts, look for opportunities to expand your business by adding other clients or locations from the same company.

If you work for a bank, for example, you can ask them to recruit you for additional branches.

Return to the testimonials and marketing area, and leverage your present clientele to find even more cleaning firms.

Once your cleaning business starts to grow, you may want to consider assessing your cleaning business’ insurance policies to ensure they are still appropriate for your business. BizCover understands how busy you are operating a small business, so we do the shopping around for you. Find the right kind of business insurance products to suit your cleaning business today.

* This information is general only and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. It should not be relied upon as advice. As with any insurance, cover will be subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the policy wording.

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