Customer Spotlight: PerfEx Consulting

Brendan Healy from PerfEx Consulting is what some may call an overachiever; a PhD in Molecular Biology, Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma, a Hons. BSc in Industrial Microbiology, a Masters in Project Management, Diplomas in Organisational Behaviour, Kaizen, Quality Management Systems and Safety Leadership, as well as starting his own successful business PerfEx Consulting.

PerfEx Consulting is all about creating performance excellence in operational teams across a range of industries, including medical, clinic, food, beverage and public health.

“I have seen first-hand what works really well in Operations environments and how to get the best from teams,” explains Brendan. “I have had some great mentors who invested a lot of their time and shared their experiences with me.”

“On the flip-side, I have also seen examples of that which clearly does not work in Operations teams and I feel these lessons have been just as important in my development.”

Since its inception, the company has built a name for itself with its specialist workshops, leadership coaching and training products.

“We challenge ourselves to be a continually learning business,” Brendan iterates, “We pride ourselves on the skills, methodologies, and knowledge that we share and pass-on to our clients.”

“It’s a fine balance act, making sure to grow the business and our client base whilst also focusing on our own development.”

So what keeps Brendan motivated?

“My proudest achievement is my family,” he enthuses, “I have an amazing fiancée and a two and a half-year-old boy that is already running rings around me!”

“They keep me focused every day and I never lose sight of how lucky I am to come home to them at the end of each day.”

It’s for this reason Brendan chooses to insure his business.

“I insure my business with BizCover to de-risk my clients, my team, my business, my family and myself. We support our clients to drive performance excellence and de-risk their business.”

“BizCover supports me to do the same for my business.”

Visit perfexconsult.com to find out more about Brendan and PerfEx Consulting.

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