Customer Spotlight: Cazeil Creative

Ask most people what they would save in a fire and the most common answer is always photos. Photography plays an important role in our lives, recording personal and historical memories.

And no one knows this better than Cazeil Creative, a versatile photography business from the Blue Mountains.

The business has built its name capturing and immortalising all aspects of life, whether it’s a wedding, a street parade or a dance recital.

“Our aim is to help people enjoy their special memories over and over again, as they reflect on a joyous moment captured in time.”

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Carolyn Hide, Director of Smiles at Cazeil Creative, has only been operating for a year and has already captured weddings and international events.

“My Business was only weeks old when I was contracted to cover a 3-day International Conference in Melbourne with over 300 delegates,” enthused Hide, “There were very well known personalities amongst the guest speakers as well as some ‘everyday’ people with extremely powerful stories.”

“The images I captured became a significant part of the history of the event and I felt very privileged to be part of the conference.”

To turn your passion into your career can be a scary and daunting process, requiring hours of hard work. For those pursuing a creative pursuit, it can also mean facing challenges of promoting the value of your skills and building a reputation.

“My proudest achievement is having the courage to venture out on my own and create a small business in the field of my passion.”

It also means protecting your reputation as well as your key pieces of equipment.

“As a sole trader, insuring my business is almost mandatory especially to cover my equipment as my photography gear is the essence of my business.”

If you need a special moment that needs capturing or you’d like to find out more you can visit http://www.cazeilcreative.com.au/ or check out their Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/cazeilcreative/

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