Top 6 reasons why you should choose a career in disability care

The old adage goes that helping others is its own reward. That said, there are also rewarding and long-term career paths available to you if you enjoy helping individuals who require a helping hand due to a disability.

If you are looking for a rewarding career supporting individuals with disabilities via NDIS disability work, getting into a career in the disability sector might be just what the doctor ordered.

If that thought has whet your appetite, here are a handful of compelling reasons why becoming a support worker in disability care might be a great career path for you and why you may find it truly rewarding. Learn more about a career in disability care, as well as six great reasons why should you work for the NDIS.

Insurance requirements for NDIS disability work

However, let’s first cover off the mandatory insurance requirements for NDIS disability work and how BizCover helps make purchasing NDIS participant insurance (also sometimes called support worker insurance) fast, easy, and cost-effective.

The NDIS Terms of Business for Registered Providers (2017) requires that disability carers participating in the scheme maintain an adequate level of insurance, including Public Liability insurance (PL) and Professional Indemnity insurance (PI). Find out more about insurance for disability workers and why it matters for your business.

Six benefits of working as a support worker

So, if you are on the fence about a career in disability care, here are some of the great benefits for working as a support worker.

1. You will enjoy a meaningful career that lets you help people in need

Disability support workers help people who need direct assistance. While helping with the basics like showering, preparing meals, and grocery shopping, importantly you’ll also provide companionship and emotional support. If that sounds like you, then you are likely the type of empathetic person who may well be a great fit for a rewarding career indisability care.

2. You won’t just have a desk job

NDIS disability work may be a fantastic choice for you if you enjoy a hands-on working environment where you can work directly with people and experience first-hand the joys of helping people.

3. Disability care will keep you busy and on the move

If the thought of sitting at a desk all day makes you cringe, then you will likely enjoy disability care work, where you are often on your feet or on the move with your clients.

Disability workers may work in a variety of settings, including client’s homes, respite centres, aged care facilities, and even in primary and secondary schools. Some disability support workers visit their clients at their homes, while others live with their client so they can provide round the clock care.

4. You will enjoy versatile career paths

As a disability support worker, you’ll be helping disabled clients with a range of tasks. These tasks can range from mobility support to personal grooming, and sometimes even household chores. Indeed, there are several ways that you can help your patients as a disability carer.

No single day will be the same, which means you must be flexible and willing to help your patients in any way you can to ensure receive the care and support they require. If you are seeking a rewarding and varied role with a wide range of responsibilities, disability work may well be your calling.

5. You’ll benefit from a stable career with many opportunities

There can be many benefits for working as a support worker, not least of which is job security. With Australia facing an aging population, demand for aged care professionals and disability workers is expected to increase in the coming years.

While formal qualifications are not a mandatory requirement for disability care work, disability care workers may complete a Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability), or a Certificate IV in Disability as part of their ongoing development.

6. You are organised and motivated

A disability care workers’ role involves organising and managing a variety of tasks, which means it’s important to have a routine that works for you and your client.

From general tasks like dressing and grooming, to helping your clients get to their appointments on time, fantastic organisational skills are considered essential to excel in your disability care career. You never know where a career in disability care may take you.

Are you considering a career in disability care?

While the role of a disability support worker can at times be challenging, it can be an incredibly rewarding career for those who are naturally empathetic and want to help people with disabilities. This hands-on career can give you many opportunities to work with people who need support, and to make a meaningful difference in their lives.

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