5 ways to protect your business from liability risks

There are many legal liabilities that come with business ownership, which is why many business owners look for ways to reduce liability claims against their business and minimise Public Liability risks.

Given that, it’s important that your business has the right measures in place to protect from liabilities and cover the wide range of potential liability risks your business may face. It’s also important to know your legal liabilities and how to reduce liability claims against your business.

However, you are not alone here, as there are several measures (including business insurance*) that you can employ to protect your business from the common liability risks. Here are five ways to minimise Public Liability risk and reduce liability claims against your business.

1. Identify areas of liability risk

The first step to reducing liability claims against your business is to identify the risks and your legal liabilities. Sounds simple enough, right? However, remember to include everything that can cause injury to your employees or lead to a lawsuit against your business.

Some of the more common legal liabilities that could lead to your business being served with a lawsuit include diseases, injuries, equipment breakdowns, and staff errors malfunctions.

2. Reduce your risk by developing processes to protect from liabilities

The next step to reduce liability claims is to develop processes that can help reduce your risk. These processes may include business measures such as communicating the timeline and price of a service or deliverable you have committed to, establishing safety standards for your workplace, and impromptu workplace inspections.

3. Train your employees

To protect from liabilities, train your employees on your emergency procedures and the correct processes to follow. Planning is very important, but action is what reduces risks. You may consider regular risk reminders and workplace safety updates for your staff.

4. Treat all feedback as important

You can reduce the risks to your business and protect from liabilities by embracing customer complaints, employee feedback, internal and external surveys, and professional advice from risk management consultants.

5. Protect what is worth protecting

While all of the above will help reduce your liability risk, in business sometimes things just don’t go to plan. And this is where business insurance can be your last line of defence against liability risks.

How BizCover helps business owners with Public Liability insurance quotes

Minimising your Public Liability risk and reducing liability claims can be essential for your long-term business success. It enables you to concentrate on growing your business, rather than worrying about the ifs, buts, or maybes that may linger in the back of your mind when your head hits the pillow after a long day of running your business.

BizCover helps small business owners all over Australia reduce their exposure to Public Liability claims and prepare for those unexpected moments that can happen when running a business. We are here to help with your business insurance needs 24/7 thanks to our unique, 100 per cent online platform.

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