How to get clients for a new business – building customer base

It can be challenging to grow your clientele when your business is just starting out. Potential customers tend to be skeptical of new businesses without a proven track record of success, which can make it hard to increase sales. They need to know that you are better than your competition – but also more reliable.

Finding new clients can be a constant challenge for small business owners and who lack a marketing team or large advertising budgets. Some businesses rely on social media and digital marketing to generate leads, but building relationships with partners, networking, and having direct conversations with customers may be more effective for get new clients for your new business.

However, there are a set of tried and true methods for getting clients for a new businesseven if you don’t have glowing customer reviews to show yet.

Here are six valuable ideas you may consider introducing into your new business to help entice new clients to come on board and work with you.

1. Break out of the bubble

You may be losing out on countless opportunities for meeting potential clients and building those essential relationships if you work from home (for example, in an online business) full-time and very rarely meet your customers in person.

In an office setting you may create new business opportunities and learn from other people, especially if you work in a shared office space. It may be worth your while to create new networks, which in time you may use to promote your business and brand to a wider audience.

2. Share and collaborate

If you share your ideas with others, you may inspire innovation and progress.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Reach out to those around you and ask for their ideas and suggestions.

It is important to develop a wide professional network in order to reach new demographics and audiences. Having a target market is great, but it is also essential to always be looking for ways to find customers for your business.

When you do so, you and your customers can both benefit from the different networks and client bases you share, which can help bring new business through your door learn from each other’s mistakes and successes as well.

3. Use your network to connect with others

Reaching out to existing clients to let them know that you can handle more work and clients is a simple way to find new clients. Doing so can enable you to convince your connections that you are great at what you do.

When you put yourself out there by asking for referrals from others, you may just be surprised by the response you receive and what you can learn about your target customers and their needs. You may not only gain new clients organically, but you may also find new clients through referrals to your business.

Always remember that your professional network can be a valuable tool for your business. It is not only a source of support, but potentially also a source for growing your business.

4. Attend and host business events

To grow new business opportunities, as the business owner you need to get comfortable with putting yourself out there. is important to network at business events, even if networking doesn’t necessarily come naturally to you. You may find new clients at networking events by actively socialising with other attendees. Remember that the conversation doesn’t have to jump straight to networking; making it a little more subtle may be a more effective approach.

5. Create value-add products

Value-adds are a great way for clients to become more interested in your business, especially if they are cost-conscious. Offer a free consultation to entice new business enquiries and generate clients.

Remember to never undersell yourself or your business. While coming across as arrogant can be an instant turn-off, you will benefit from carefully projecting confidence when you are explaining your business (ands its products and services) to potential new customers.

Project confidence when talking to potential clients about your business; show them who you are, what you do, and win them over and with your disarming demeanor.  You may lose clients who are unwilling or unable to pay your standard rates; if clients don’t see the value you offer, then pursing their business may be more trouble than it is worth.

6. Encourage customer feedback

The old adage is that all feedback is good feedback when it comes to building a client base for your business. After all, there can be important learnings from both positive and negative feedback – if you are open to it. And the most effective feedback comes from your customers.

As such, embrace every piece of feedback your business receives, whether it comes in the form of a customer testimonial, negative feedback from a disgruntled client, or as constructive feedback to help you identify areas where you can improve your business or its products or services. It can all be of value to the future of your business.

And while it can be easier said than done, don’t simply dismiss negative or ambivalent feedback your business receives. Such feedback can highlight where your business may offer new solutions and make every client and customer a passionate advocate of your company.

Loyal customers and clients can be worth more than gold to your business, regardless of your industry or whether your business is service-based or product-based. In business, as in life, often it’s not just about what you know; it’s also about who you know – and how you can help each other.

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