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Investing in security guards: A smart decision for retail businesses

Written by Belle Balace

You may not be aware of it, but small retail businesses are prone to criminal activity due to their limited resources, small staff size, and valuable products. They make an appealing target for shoplifters and other kinds of criminals.

Hiring a security guard can be beneficial no matter what kind of small retail business you run. You may be surprised that a toy store is prone to shoplifting just as much as a jewellery store is. The same goes for clothing, food, and electronics stores.

Security guards can help discourage criminals. Their presence acts as a deterrent to criminals, Guards are trained to be aware of any suspicious behaviour and to quickly respond to any incidents that may happen.

Nine reasons your retail business needs a security guard

Here are nine benefits of having security guards from a trusted security service in your small retail business.

#1: They help reduce crime

Having a visible security guard serves as a warning to potential criminals that your business takes security seriously and that they could be caught if they try to commit a crime.

#2: They safeguard valuable goods and items in your store

Did you know that one in five Australians are guilty of shoplifting in supermarkets? Small retail businesses often suffer from shoplifting, which can be addressed by hiring a security guard to patrol your store, observe your customers, and respond to alarms.

#3: They ensure the safety of your staff and customers

Security guards can help protect your staff and customers from any form of harm, such as harassment and violence. They can also help to resolve disagreements and ensure that your store remains peaceful and orderly.

#4: They are constantly on the lookout for signs of unusual behaviour

Guards are trained to recognise unusual conduct and take action to stop a crime before it happens. They know the actions or signs to look out for, for example people who look suspicious inside the store, people who are hiding goods or products, and attempting to leave the store without paying.

#5: They are trained to efficiently handle incidents

Guards are equipped to respond quickly to any criminal activities that may happen in retail stores, such as detaining suspects and contacting the police. They are also trained to administer first aid if needed.

#6: They can help reduce your insurance cost

Small businesses that hire security guards may be eligible for reduced insurance premiums from certain insurance companies. Installing security measures can help your retail business save money on your insurance.

#7: They enhance customer service

Having a security guard in your store can make customers feel more comfortable and safer, which can contribute to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

#8: They can control the crowd in your store

At busy times of the year or during special occasions, your retail store can be inundated with shoppers. To ensure the safety of customers and to maintain order, employing a security guard is extremely beneficial.

#9: They give the assurance of security

Running a retail store can be stressful given that there are so many things to do every day. Having a security guard gives you peace of mind knowing that your business is protected. This allows you and your staff to focus on running your business and serving your customers.

Hiring a security guard or two to safeguard your establishment for small retail business owners, is strongly advised. Security guards are a strong deterrent for criminal activity. They are professionally trained to spot potentially dangerous scenarios and respond to any situations promptly and appropriately. This can help to greatly reduce losses, enhance customer satisfaction, and safeguard your business.

Five scenarios when security guards can help retail business owners

Here are a few examples of how security guards can be invaluable assets to small retail businesses, offering protection from potential criminal activity, safeguarding staff, and customers, and providing superior customer service.

  • If a fire alarm goes off in a store, a security guard can safely evacuate the store and ensure everyone is safe.
  • If a group of disgruntled employees are protesting outside your store, a security guard can manage the protest and ensure that your store remains peaceful and your customers unbothered.
  • If a break-in occurs at your store in the middle of the night, a security guard can respond to the alarm and apprehend the burglar before they can steal any goods or product.
  • If a shoplifter is trying to steal a high-value item from your store, a guard is trained to notice such things and apprehend the shoplifter before they can leave the store.
  • If a customer or a staff member experiences a medical accident or injury while at the store, a security guard can help them and provide first aid.

Four tips for choosing the right security guard for your retail business

Before choosing a security guard company, check that they have the following.

Check their security licence

Verify that your chosen security guard company holds a valid security licence and can operate in your area.

Enquire about their security experience and track record

Choose the best security guard services company you can afford for your retail business. Find out for how many years their company has been in operating and enquire about the types of businesses they have provided security guard services for.

Check their qualifications

Ask what training and qualifications their security guards hold. Given that the security guards will also be part of your staff at your store and provide security for your entire business, you can rightfully ask the security company about the trainings their guards received and about their specialised skills

Request a written proposal from the security company

Most importantly, before hiring a security company, request a written proposal from them that details the services they will deliver, the associated costs, and the terms of the agreement.

Once you have chosen a security company, be sure to make it a point to stay on top of their performance. Ensure sure they are providing the security services that you require and are living up to your expectations.

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