World Environment Day Customer Spotlight – Blue Earth Solutions

Operating out of Mandurah in Western Australia, is Blue Earth Solutions (BES), an environmental consultancy. The goal of BES is to work towards continual improvement in conservation by providing organisations the ability to begin, progress or complete their environmental projects. They have a strong focus on sustainability and provide Eco Consultations that guide businesses to reduce their waste and their environmental footprint.

Owner and Founder, Clemency Whittles says that “BES was born out of the possibility that all beings can create a healthy and sustainable environment for the world.”

After years of working in conservation, Clemency realised that many people want to contribute to this possibility but are uncertain of how to take their first steps in this direction. Clemency notes that “not only does BES channel my passion – a deep care for the natural world that we live in – it also helps others realise that they can make a big difference just by making the smallest of changes.”

We asked Clemency what it was that she enjoyed most above all else in her job. It came down to community, be it the people or the gratification from inspiring them to move towards a more environmentally sustainable future.

“Being a part of their journey is incredibly rewarding!” she said.

The key to long-lasting client relationships at BES comes down to listening to them, understanding their needs and working with them to finding the right solutions.

“We understand that every project and every organisation’s situation is different” says Clemency, “our clients appreciate our versatile and accommodating nature.”

“Our team based approached to solving sustainability and environmental projects means that we instil a sense of workplace community and have a lot of fun on the way!”

In light of it being World Environment Day, we asked Clemency why she thinks it is more important than ever that we focus on being more environmentally sustainable – be it at work and at home.

“It’s more important than ever that we focus on being more environmentally sustainable to preserve global biodiversity, ecosystem health and reduce the likelihood of a future impact on human wellbeing. Every person has the capacity to influence this outcome – by changing just one thing each, such as reducing household waste or catching public transport more frequently – we can all contribute to making the world a healthier place.”

As for any advice she’d offer to all the aspiring business owners out there, Clemency had this to offer:

“You can do it! The journey is both tough and incredibly rewarding and perseverance is incredibly important. Build a strong network of support around you, jump in and don’t look back!”

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