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With Stranger Things returning to our screens, season 3 instantly transports us back into the sci-fi world of the ‘upside down’, unruly mullets, giant walkie-talkies and all things 80’s, so we decided to join in the fun by asking our customers to share with us their “strange” business names. 

Creative, left of centrethese businesses are definitely ones that you will not forget in a hurry! 

The Pickled Filly

 Combing the best of all things equine with a splash of bubbles, The Pickled Filly is a bespoke vintage horsefloat that has creatively been converted into a mobile bar. The name was inspired by the reference to horses (filly) with the float and pickled ( how most patrons end by the end of the evening).  

The Pickled Filly is available to hire for weddings and events.  


A quirky name that certainly gets a lot of laughs, THE V SPOT is an online boutique specialising in vegan, eco, ethical and fabulous fashion and beauty products. The V stands for vegan and embodies the sassy and spicy spirit of many of the businesses vegan customers.  

Offering an online marketplace abundant with their range of vegan and ethical products, you can check out their store here 

Empty Wallet Happy Heart

Inspired by personal experiences, the name Empty Wallet Happy Heart encapsulates the story of business owner and single mother, Kirsten who started the business with the passion and drive to make an income while being present for her young daughter. 

Together the mother and daughter duo have visited 8 countries, where they have shared the journey of ethically sourcing handcrafted products to sell through their online storeTheir products include an array of homemade homewares sourced from India and Bhutan. 

Kirsten also writes children’s books based on their travels and is on the hunt for a publisher! 

Simply Mad About Christmas

No explanation required for what this business name is all about! The all things Christmas themed business, came up with its unique name after a local competitor set up a pop-up store near their business, causing confusion among their customers. 

“My wife was having lunch with some friends during the following January when she raised the idea. One of the friends suggested why don’t you name it after yourself? Simply Mad About Christmas?” says the co-owner.  

And that’s how the new memorable and festive name was born.

It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas, check them out on Facebook.


Stuart, the owner of SORIE, has put a lot of thought and creativity into the creation of his Australian owned and made clothing business. Coming from a graffiti background, Stuart explains that the name “is a combination of the progress of a previous pseudonym contrast with the struggles of understanding, impressing and mastering the letter structure.” 

There’s a story and a science that has gone into the visual components of the brand name with a mathematical balance between five letters. 

“The S flowing the eye into the piece, followed by the rounding of an O while the direction of the E finishes the eyes journey, the R in the middle to bow around before kicking back into the uplifting I shape, hence SORIE.”

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