Introducing Social Media Insurance

Do you worry about offending online? Are you sometimes unsure of the best hashtag to use?

You need #social #media #insurance.

Disclaimer: It’s come to our attention that some people actually thought we were providing coverage to protect you from the fallout of your poor choice of meme. Unfortunately this is not an actual product offering and was done for satirical purposes.

On #SocialMedia we’ve all got that one friend who always tests our #patience by posting a few hundred inspirational quotes (with matching pictures of dolphins or a mountain) or posts a million photos of their lunch or even that politically charged friend who wants to let you know every #opinion and conspiracy theory they hold (if you haven’t heard of the space lizards secretly rule the world one, you haven’t lived) .

The best part of social media is you can press the mute button or in some dire cases the ‘unfriend’ button, removing the pain from your daily feed. No harm, no foul.

But when you operate a #business and have your own professional account, the stakes can be a little higher. You could not only offend and alienate your customer base, or worse, potential customers, but you could create a branding nightmare. Heck, even Facebook is facing a trending #deletefacebook right now, and if Facebook isn’t safe, who is?

The cover will even cover such errors as misattributing quotes, rogue employees in charge of your feed, confusing hashtags and even for terrible spelling errors.

This is where Social Media Indemnity Insurance comes in, you can now #cover yourself and your business from errors, egregious posts and unsuitable hashtag appropriation.  It could even be as bad as mistaking a historic tragedy as a fireworks displaytry to make a sale out of a day of grieving, or trying to jump on a politically charged bandwagon.

The insurance will cover your costs of PR to rebuild your brand, costs of loss of sales and other costs in the case of a social media crisis. In 2015, an American #University spent over $2 million due to a social media error after an employee went on a politically charged rant – and that was from her personal account even.

As a quote by Abraham Lincoln, we found on social says “If you don’t have social media insurance, you are a fool.”

It will also cover you for rogue employees going wild on your page also. So that in case Bob doesn’t take his firing too well and let’s loose on your social accounts!

The cover will even let you add on extra cover to warn you when you are adding too many terrible hashtags #yolo #blessed.

It’s a jungle out there and it’s easy to offend so before you say #byefelicia to your business, make sure to grab your social media indemnity insurance, available April 1st only.

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