Do you normally make Frank Sinatra look like a hobo in a suit?

Do you rock a hard hat better than a member of the Village People?

There’s now a revolutionary solution; Professional Attire Insurance, that covers you for any damage to your professional uniform, offering a rapid replacement service for any stain, torn or damaged garments.

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society”

– Mark Twain

How it Works

Mishap occurs with your killer look.

Call or text the emergency hotline your current location

We use your preregistered details and put together your pack.

Emergency Pack is delivered within 1 hour for CBD.

The Packages

The Hard-Yakka Package

Provides industry approved safety gear. Anti-plumbers crack response

Priced from $120p.a

The Artisan Package

Provides trendsetting clothing replacements. Pick the desired plaid, bowties and other key items. Option to add extras: moustache comb, suspenders and other extras

Priced from $372p.a

The Wintour Package

Provides top designer clothing replacements. Can auto-coordinate using #ootd and insta accounts. Option to add designer bag and jewellery options.

Priced from $10,000p.a

The Stay-Classy Package

Provides clothing replacement for the dashing. Pick the suit in desired colour with matching shirt & tie. Option to add extras: waistcoats,suspenders and bowties

Priced from $1,000p.a