Do you have a personal safety net?

You’ve got your business started and your business plans are coming together, but does this include a backup plan for when you’re not up and running?

Despite our best intentions to remain fit and healthy, accidents and illnesses do happen. It’s an unfortunate, but inevitable part of life. It could be while you’re at work (didn’t see that stray electrical cord, did you?) or even due to falling off a ladder whilst doing a bit of DIY around the home. At best you could be left reaching for the band-aids or an ice pack and wishing for a bit of sympathy. At worst, you could be out of action for months, or even years, and where would that leave you and your family financially?

As a NEIS participant you probably already have your Public Liability insurance sorted out, and possibly even Professional Indemnity and Business Insurance to protect your business in the case of unexpected events. But equally important is a protection plan for your business’s biggest asset. You!

The good news is, you can protect yourself against the financial stress that comes with being out of action with Personal Accident and Illness insurance (PA). It will help you keep on top of the bills and your everyday living expenses by covering up to 85% of your income if you injure yourself or fall ill and have to take time out from your business to recover. There’s even the option to add Death and Disablement cover, giving you or your family a lump sum payment if you were permanently unable to return to work or… dare we say it… die.

It’s a great option for business owners who aren’t covered by Worker’s Compensation. And the best part is, unlike Worker’s Comp, Personal Accident insurance protects you not only on the job but after you’ve clocked off too. In fact, it covers you 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Another upside to PA cover is that depending on the insurer you opt for, there are some pretty cool extras on offer, including transport assistance for up to 12 weeks if you’re not able to drive; reimbursement of membership fees such as professional memberships, and even your gym membership whilst you’re unable to attend; and return to work assistance if you need rehabilitation or re-training.

Unless you have plenty of personal savings to dip into, the impact of not being able to work could put a huge amount of pressure on the profit, future growth and success of your business. So if having an accident or falling ill is one of the last things you can afford then it’s time to think about giving you and your business the safety net it needs. Personal Accident and Illness insurance will keep your business fully functional… even if you’re not

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