Introducing Government Interruption Insurance

Protecting your business’ livelihood from whimsical policy changes from our perennially new leaders.

Half of small business owners fear the impact of an election on their business operations.   Will there be tax increases, more red-tape and more regulation making it harder and more expensive to do more business?

Government Interruption Insurance is a revolutionary first of its kind product that will offer cover to Small Businesses (any business with less than 20 employees) for an unforeseen or cataclysmic change in government policy.

Let’s be honest. In Australia, we change State of Origin titles less than we change leaders. It’s hard to put any weight on upcoming decisions as the next leader and their agenda is always just around the corner. As if being a Small Business owner wasn’t hard enough, the constant fear from this volatile environment will have any owner pulling their hairs out.

No one wants to worry about politics, we all know any dinner party always takes a turn when politics comes into the conversation. Now, you don’t have to care (besides finding the best sausage sizzle every election!) Ride the waves with Government Interruption Insurance.

The policy will cover for the loss of income and the increased costs of running your business due to an unexpected change in leadership. Up to 20% of your annual revenue will be able to be claimed based on your electoral area, the time your business was impacted and the swiftness of the change.

It will cover consultants costs to help you navigate new legislation, costs for additional

“Small Businesses punch well above their weight when it comes to contributions to the Australian economy and we see time and time again how they struggle as a result of these political changes,” says Francis Underwood, Head of Ideas at BizCover.

“As Small Business Champions we thought it was our duty to make sure that we’re offering a decent type of protection for this threat.”

This news comes as a pleasant surprise for many small business owners, including Graham Knight the owner of a health café in Melbourne.

“A part of the promotion of my business includes my staff wearing brightly coloured shirts as part of their uniform.”

“We lost so much business during the last election and change of government as everyone kept confusing my staff with political activists!”

With Government Interruption insurance, $10,000 would be covered for this loss of business up until after the election.

Packages start from as little as $43 per month and are available from March 30th and need to be in place before the election to be valid.

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