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BizCover is proud to have partnered with FITREC and HealthyPeople to offer you a comprehensive combined liability policy from DUAL Australia which meets the specific needs of fitness professionals.

The DUAL Personal Trainer’s package includes Professional Indemnity (PI) and Public Liability (PL) insurance, and provides the option of choosing $1M or $2M PI cover and $10M or $20M PL cover. Starting from just $230 p.a. there are limited exclusions, meaning you can train with confidence whilst being covered for the following:

  • Training in a home studio & anywhere in Australia
  • Boxing – not limited to pad work only
  • Martial arts training
  • Sparring
  • Boot camp
  • Body building
  • Crossfit
  • Online coaching programs
  • Aqua fitness e.g. water aerobics

To obtain your exclusive FITREC and HealthyPeople member rate, simply enter your occupation as ‘Personal Fitness Trainer’, enter the code FITREC in the partner code field during checkout, and ensure you select the DUAL Australia policy.

Why do Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals need insurance?

As a professional in your field, not only do you clients hold you to high expectations, you are also legally responsible for their safety and wellbeing whilst in your care. With the heightened risk of legal action over recent years, having the right insurance is essential to protect you against a range of risks, including professional misconduct and negligence that results in injury to your clients.

Professional Indemnity insurance protects you against financial losses you incur for action taken against you for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Personal injury claims as a result of negligence of the personal trainer
  • Creating training plans that are unsuitable or ineffective
  • Providing wrong or misleading advice in relation to dietary plans and food preparation
  • Claims arising from inappropriate behaviour (includes cover for defence costs, however costs relating to damages are excluded)

Public Liability insurance is a must to ensure your business is protected should an unwanted accident occur. It protects you from financial losses arising from a claim of accidental injury to third parties or damage caused to their property. For example, a client trips over a piece of fitness equipment and fractures their wrist, or you accidentally damage an expensive piece of gym equipment in the gym in which you are training your clients in.

Cover Options

Professional Indemnity Public Liability Annual Premium starting from
1 $1M $10M $229.98
2 $1M $20M $351.08
3 $2M $10M $247.48
4 $2M $20M $368.58
5 $10M $20M $438.57

*Based on annual turnover of up to $100,000

I have renewed my insurance (PI/PL and Business Pack) through Bizcover from the HealthyPeople website. They were fantastic to deal with and very reasonably priced

Ian O’Dwyer
Fitness Professional, Mentor & Presenter

Bizcover has set me up on both PI and PL cover as well as business insurance for half the price I’d normally pay! Their customer service was excellent as they had no problems in answering my long list of questions.

Tammy C
Owner and Head Trainer at Tammy Curtis

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