Why You Should Start A Career In Social Media

Written by Rebecca Lee

Almost everyone who uses the internet uses social media. It’s how we stay connected to the people in our lives. Many people don’t think about starting a career in social media unless they have worked in advertising or marketing for some time but getting started in a social media role can launch a rewarding career.

It is more important than you would think

In the past, social media was not something that most businesses had to worry about, it was an added advantage to those who had a large marketing budget. These days, almost every big company or business has a social media department because they understand how important it is to their business. There are more social media roles available than ever. A large social media following can boost the number of potential customers and clients that will engage with your business.

You get to be creative

Social media professionals usually fall into two categories, strategists and creators. Strategists are planners, while creatives produce content for social media. Content creators may produce videos, articles or images, depending on what their company requires. Strategists and content creators have to work together to make content that is relevant to their audience and  effectively introduces people to their brand. Both roles can be just as important in the social media team.

You learn to interact with other people

Because social media is about interacting with other people online, you need to be a good communicator to get your point across. If you work for a big company, you may interact with hundreds of people online daily so you need to know how to talk to your audience. Understanding the essence of the business or person that you are representing and capturing that through social media can be hard but it makes for an interesting job.

Opportunities are everywhere

Although most people will start off as content creators or strategists, there is always room for you to move into another role or field if you want to do something different. For example, if you start working for a big company, you may take on more of a project manager role when it comes to social media. Upskilling in this field is also a real possibility. For example, completing a course in social media marketing or having a degree in marketing or advertising can help you progress. You can also do distance learning on websites like Courses.com.

There are several reasons why you should start a career in social media, especially if you have a background in marketing or advertising. Whether you want to manage a campaign for a big brand or you enjoy creating content that people can interact with, you’ll never be bored.+

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