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What to Look for When Hiring Copywriters

Written by Jessica Robinson

Are you looking to hire new copywriters for your business? You may be unsure as to what skills an ideal candidate should possess. This post sheds light on the most significant traits that you should look for in candidates that appear for interviews for copywriters’ positions.

Content marketing is booming, and you need to hire people who can create powerful content. You cannot hire copywriters who curate average articles. Freelance copywriters can earn up to $250 per hour, according to insights from Freelancing Hacks. Companies would not pay copywriters such handsome salaries if it was just another job. It is a skill-based job role that rewards talent and precision. It takes a broad spectrum of skills to be a pro at copywriting, and the onus lies on you to identify the right skills in candidates that appear for copywriting positions. .

Significant traits of worthwhile copywriters

  1. Curiosity

Your candidate must be inquisitive. This will ensure that they never get complacent and are keen to learn and improve every day. On the other hand, someone with great writing skills who feels that they are perfect and neglects the need to learn new things will not add value to your organisation in the longer run.

  1. Attention to detail

Copywriters need to be well informed, well researched, and precise in their work. A good copywriter pays attention to detail. A  copywriter will need to act as an expert on the subject they are writing about. A great copywriter will be up to date with latest trends and possess circumstantial awareness.

  1. Critical thinking

A copywriter needs to thoroughly understand their intended audience in order to generate great content. While interacting with the target market, they should tap into multiple viewpoints. They should think rationally and view things from the readers’ perspective as well as from the perspective of potential customers. To do so, they will need to collect and evaluate information and then make responsible decisions. All these are aspects of critical thinking, because a good copywriter needs to be a great critical thinker.

  1. Versatility

A soulful writer will have versatile writing skills. At different times, they will be writing for vastly different audiences. They might have to write about the same products but from different perspectives. Copywriters should be able to write using various forms, styles, and voices. Again, versatility is indispensable in copywriters who need to produce high-quality content across different domains.

  1. Proficiency in grammar and a wide vocabulary

Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes can quickly cost you your reader’s interest. They can make your brand look unprofessional and untrustworthy.

Up to 75% of web-users pay close attention to spelling and grammar on the pages they visit. Moreover, grammar flaws will make 60% of people close a page or switch to another website. A good copywriter will thoroughly proofread their content.

  1. Unique perspective

Your copywriter should have a unique perspective when they look at the world, and this perspective should reflect in their work. Most of the time they will have to write more professionally and their personality will not be given the opportunity to shine through. Should you want something more unique, a creative copywriter will be able to deliver. Their unique perspective may one day become your brand’s unique selling point (USP). Look out for that spark when you are hiring. It is rare, but it will be worth the wait and effort to find the perfect fit. A creative copywriter will not buckle under stress when asked to think outside the box. They will outperform their previous performances every time because of their creative and sound mindset.

  1. Knowledge of marketing

A candidate may be a flawless writer, but marketing knowledge shortcomings can be a severe performance roadblock. Copywriters must have decent know-how of business practices, marketing, SEO, and other verticals pertinent to content marketing

  1. Great storytelling

These days, most brands fall back on traditional ways of engaging  audiences: by narrating stories. Storytelling is a great way to attract people to your brand and its offerings. It will be no surprise if your marketing heads want to take the same branding campaign approach. A great copywriter is a great storyteller.

  1. Anti-perfectionism

Perfection is a myth, as any good copywriter knows. Writing is an art, and even the most self-assured writers will never say ‘done’ before submitting their work to a client. Good copywriters know that they can always improve. They understand that there is more to achieve, and there are more feathers to add to the cap. You do not need a perfectionist, but you need an honest person who chases quality to be a part of your team.

In conclusion, your copywriter will need to be great at writing and marketing, Of course, creativity and the ability to evolve are unwritten rules of good writing, but the above traits are additional qualities that are immensely important. Content marketing is dynamic, and it is changing every day. Your new hire should be equally as versatile.

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