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Ways to Increase Mobile App Traffic & Revenue

Written by Krunal Panchal

Do you want to increase the number of people using your mobile app? What about the number of users making in-app purchases? If so, read this post to learn how to boost traffic and revenue for your mobile app. 

In this article, we will discuss five things that will drive traffic to your app, six ways that users can make in-app purchases, plus tips for increasing revenue through advertisements. The information covered is all based on real experiences from other developers! Let’s get straight into it.

How to Boost Traffic to Your App

Create an App Description

This is the first thing that people will read when they find your app in the app store. You need to make sure that this description makes users want to download it. It’s also important to update this description regularly with new features or functionality that you’ve added. For example, you may add a new feature to help users save money on purchases while using your app. Adding this information to your description helps keep users informed about changes or improvements made to your app regularly.

Include a Video Preview

A video is a fantastic way to show more than just screenshots of what your app is capable of. It’s an excellent way to give people an idea of how the app works and even how it makes people feel! If you’re using this video to sell your app, you can also put revenue-earning ads into the background (you’ll need to talk with your content team and developers to develop a strategy for this).

Publish App Reviews

As soon as your new mobile app is available for download, make sure that there are some positive reviews. Don’t go overboard; 3 or 4 positive comments about how your app is easy to navigate, has handy features, and offers ways to save money, for example, would be sufficient. This way, when people read these positive comments about your app, they will be inclined to try it out for themselves.

Use Paid Social Media Ads

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are great places to get the ball rolling when advertising your mobile apps. Many of these social media platforms allow you to get free ads if you’re willing to pay for sponsored posts instead. This is an excellent way for you to spread brand awareness about the release of your new app quickly, without having to pay any extra money upfront.

Develop a Mobile Landing Page for Your App

To further drive traffic to your app, make sure that you have a dedicated mobile landing page. This page can be on your website or a standalone page on a mobile app marketplace like iTunes or Google Play. The mobile landing page should be designed to capture emails, offer ways to earn free coins or points and contain links for people who want more information about the app itself. This landing page is significant if you’re trying to drive people from your business website to your app.

Six Ways Users Can Make In-App Purchases

It’s easy to encourage users to make in-app purchases. You just need to have a few cool features in your app, work with your developers to make these features happen, and ensure that the benefits are worth the money. Check out these six ways that users can make in-app purchases in your app!

Virtual Tasks

Do you have a running list of tasks that users need to do? If so, then you can turn those into in-app purchases. For example, if your app is a fitness tracker and you want users to lose weight, then you could ask them to buy an exercise band with their next purchase. This way, they’ll already have the band when they start working towards their big exercise goal.

Virtual Rewards

Everyone enjoys getting rewards for completing challenges and tasks in an app. So why not give your users virtual rewards to encourage them to keep playing? These rewards are great for things like mobile game apps because they help users reach new levels without paying anything extra!

Virtual Currencies

Maybe your app has a feature that lets users pay for upgrades, new features, or access to restricted areas. If so, you can encourage users to spend more time on the app by giving them rewards for using their virtual currencies on new things. You can also include a leaderboard or ranking system so that users are constantly challenged to keep earning higher levels of rewards.

Data Access

If your app has information people need, it might be worth allowing them to buy access if they want it. For example, a custom food delivery app that helps people find local restaurant businesses might enable people to buy more detailed maps of specific areas or even include information about local restaurant business reviews and customer service ratings (especially if the app is free).

In-App Purchases as a Gift

Some mobile apps allow users to make in-app purchases as gifts for family and friends. For example, Lego will enable users to buy new legos as gifts and give them away on special occasions like birthdays and Christmas. You can do the same thing with your app! 

Offer A Free Trial

You don’t want to hide away the best features of your app. Instead, you want to show them off so that users will trust you and be willing to pay for similar features down the line. By offering a free trial, users will experience these features firsthand before committing to paying for them later on down the road.

Experiment with Ads

Last but not least, you can use in-app advertisements to drive users towards your main app purchase page by showing users an ad before they start using it. You don’t want ads to take over your entire app experience. However, placing ads in the right places can lead people to make in-app purchases or get more information about specific features. This way, you’ll have an ongoing source of revenue even if your app is free.

How Can a Leading Mobile App Development Company Help You? 

App development companies like Groovy Web handle the entire process of launching your app with one of their mobile app development services. They will help you to design your app, then build it into a real business opportunity. They will also provide you with all the relevant information that you need to launch your own mobile application business.


Each app is different, and there are lots of ways to go about promoting it. If you can get more traffic on your mobile app, it will be easier for you to get more downloads and increase revenue with in-app purchases! Use the above tips to help you develop your own strategy.

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