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Top 7 business coaching myths

Many entrepreneurs now employ business coaches. While not too long ago mentioning the words would regularly conjure up raised eyebrows, these days more and more business owners are open to the idea. Keep reading while we bust 7 business coaching myths:

Myth 1. Business coaching is only for those who struggle in business

Struggling business owners can benefit from outside help, as can the rest of us. More people are starting to realise that business coaching is not dissimilar to sports coaching. It would be unthinkable for a top sports team or top athlete not to have a coach. A coach gives an athlete that competitive edge. Successful business owners are no different. A business coach will spot your blind spots, give valuable feedback on your behaviour (desirable or undesirable behaviour) and a great business coach will not hold back in telling you the things that you may not like to hear.

Myth 2. Business coaching is the same as consulting

While coaching may sometimes include consulting, consulting rarely involves any coaching. Coaching involves asking questions so that the person being coached can come to their own realisations whereas consulting only involves explaining.  When people have their own realisations they feel greater ownership over the presented solutions.

Myth 3. Great results can be achieved in just one session

It is the ongoing accountability to get things done that is so important in achieving great results. My coaching sessions with clients happen at regular intervals, whether weekly, fortnightly or monthly. This builds traction for both coach and client. Small, incremental changes gained through hard work and over a significant period of time create synergy and positive results.

Myth 4. If I have a great coach, I won’t have to put in much effort

Nothing could be further from the truth! This is a partnership. No matter how experienced the coach is, if the client does not participate and apply themselves, nothing will happen. Think of coaching as a dance. When both parties step up to the plate together, wonderful results can be achieved.

Myth 5. Business coaching is expensive

Business coaching will help you achieve a greater Return on Investment (ROI) from your business activities. This can include more free time/time to work on your business, increased profits, a great team, and a systemised business.

Myth 6. A business coach will do the work for you

A saying goes: “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and feed him for a lifetime”. This holds particularly true for business coaching. Great coaching empowers their clients to find smart and resourceful solutions to problems, enabling them to deal effectively with similar situations in the future. This also highlights another key difference between coaching and consulting. A consultant delivers a task or report. A coach on the other hand will focus on the client being able to find the most resourceful and leveraged way of getting the work done so they can get on with running their business.

Myth 7. A business coach will only focus on my business

While it is true that I focus on making sure my clients are creating successful businesses, this can not be done without focusing on the person at the helm of the business. You! It is imperative that the client focuses on their own professional and personal development. If the client grows, so will the business. I always say; “you don’t know what you don’t know”.

There is so much good solid information out there that will make us better at everything we do. Teams are often a reflection of the business owner. Mediocre teams are often led by mediocre leaders, great teams are often led by great leaders. I help my clients to keep growing and learning new things through listening to audiobooks and podcasts.  My driving time has now become my learning time as I often listen to audiobooks. Imagine what you can learn over the course of just one year!

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Mark Vischschoonmaker

Mark Vischschoonmaker | Business Coach is an award-winning business coach and mentor based in Sydney, specializing in helping business owners gain more structure, profits and sanity in their lives. He has well over a decade experience coaching business owners & entrepreneurs and offers a range of coaching programs that include goal setting, time management, sales and marketing, and leadership coaching.