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The Facts: What Every Marketer Should Know About Video

Written by Shaq Abboud

Since television made its big debut in experimental form in the late 1920s, the broadcasting of moving visual images or video has been used to successfully communicate information. Today, advances in technology and media have made it easy for us to take advantage of video through a broad range of platforms where there is no limit on creativity.

So, it makes sense that video is topping the list in digital marketing campaigns. If you are looking for new ways to get your message across to your audience, video is kingship – think of it as a necessity for your marketing strategy.

Still not convinced? Hold on tight while we present you with some facts about why you should be using video at its optimal potential.

Video Commands Attention

In today’s business world we are bombarded with advertisements, content and promotions all vying for our attention. Video connects with both visual and aural stimuli, thereby quashing static advertisement while competing for our attention. An interesting heat map study published by revealed that video is especially powerful in capturing our eyeballs.

Done well, video reaches the audience on a number of different levels. It can create an emotional connection with viewers and feelings of intrigue in ways other mediums cannot. It is that emotional connection you need to convince consumers to take action. Believe it or not, but 64% of viewers are more likely to purchase a product online after watching a video. Video is the most powerful means of delivering a message.

Video Compels More Than Text

Written content relies on words, punctuation and emoticons for our media-savvy millennials. Video relies on body language, verbal tone and other visual prompts. And even more so, videos are extending beyond verbal and non-verbal communication. It is no secret video has a flair for condensing content. Reading long slabs of text takes a lot longer than watching a video. And we live in a busy world where people have become impatient and have lower attention spans. The statistics lay it out in black and white – consumers would rather watch a short video than read long blocks of text.

Video Is Best For Google

Currently, there are less videos than text on the internet, so they have a much higher chance of reaching your audience. Because the material in video is condensed, it has less competition, but it must contain a relevant thumbnail, title, descriptions and tags for it to be recognised.

Remember Google announced its acquisition of YouTube back in 2006? So, it’s no coincidence videos are favoured over written content. Just to give you an idea of how much Google loves video, blog posts with a video attract three times more inbound links than those without video.

Video Reaches The Biggest Market

You have probably heard about people gaining huge success on YouTube. This is because a lot of people watch YouTube. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. And the same rule applies to video in general. More people are communicating with their audiences through video, which accounts for half of all mobile internet traffic. Video is the biggest market out there.

Video Is Available On All Devices

In today’s business world it is important that a company’s content performs well on all devices. Otherwise, it has the potential to suffer decreased conversions. Video is primed for all devices, from computers to mobile phones.

And the number of people watching videos on mobile phones is on the rise. An interesting statistic for marketers to take on board is that videos are more likely to be watched from beginning to end on mobile than they are on the computer.

Still deciding whether you should get in on the video marketing bandwagon? If these facts and statistics fail to convince you, consider this: your competition is doing it and capturing the attention of potential customers that could be yours. The importance of online video marketing is as never before. If you want to reach out to consumers do it with video.

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