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Small Business ‘Success Ingredients’ You Can Use

Evan Goodman
Written by Evan Goodman

A valuable part of developing and growing a business is the lessons you learn in managing it. With success, the experience you develop carries on to other walks of life. However,
on the road to running a successful small business, you will encounter numerous challenges and roadblocks to overcome. With the right combination of ingredients, you can find your niche as a successful, thriving small business owner.

Many of the suggestions below are continuously ‘skipped over’ by both small and larger businesses. It is no surprise that time is a scarce commodity for small business owners, but
do not allow (the lack of it) to prevent you from taking the following steps.  

Build Valuable B2B Connections

B2B refers to business to business. In connecting with other companies, you not only expand your network but also learn from the experiences of other business owners who have found
their formula for success. In addition, you can build a mutual partnership where you can refer your customers to them, and they will do the same in return. Overall, small businesses can only benefit by finding reliable partners they can trust and depend on.

Take on the Mobile Arena

You may have a website and social media profiles, but will they be fully optimised if you ignore your mobile audience? In the modern consumer market, a vast amount of people use their mobile phones to search for businesses or shop for products. Not investing in this platform means lost opportunities for your business. Commit to making your content, marketing material, and campaigns as mobile-responsive as possible. This is an aspect of your business (and marketing) you cannot take for granted, or ignore.

Invest in Quality Content

When you plan out your next social media post or blog update, think about the quality you present to prospective audiences. Posting one good blog with relevant media and useful information is more effective than publishing a dozen photos that provide little value. This strategic approach would be more cost-effective for your marketing efforts, and you will learn to be more resourceful with you marketing content.

Stay Committed to Your Vision

Every business has an individual vision or motivation driving it. Clearly define the goal or dream you want to realise with your company. Study your idea, design a blueprint towards it, and allocate your resources to best position your business for the success you want it to achieve.

Your chances of achieving success with your small business depend on creating the right combination of strategy and planning. The key is to be smart with your resources, stick to
your goals, and explore the available opportunities you have around you. With these small business success ingredients, you can set your business on course to generate long-lasting rewards.

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About the author

Evan Goodman

Evan Goodman

Over the past 30 years, Evan Goodman | Business Coach has founded numerous ‘start-ups’, built them into successful businesses and gone on to sell them. He has experienced and overcome most of the common challenges faced by business owners and leaders and understands the pressure and stresses that running a business can cause.

He also recognises the value and importance of getting sound advice and support when faced by these common challenges and of being prepared to openly discuss issues with a coach or mentor.

Since building up his last business into a national company, and selling it in 2009, Evan focusses on coaching SME business owners on how to become business leaders. He has a Masters of Business Coaching degree UOW; creating a unique blend of experience, expertise and coaching best practice for his clients.

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