Small Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

Written by Jasmine Anderson

According to research, over a third of all Australian business owners are women. Only a couple of years ago this was something almost unimaginable but these days women are overcoming self-doubts and prejudices and becoming killer businesswomen.

Female entrepreneurship has steadily increased and there are now more than 250 million women entrepreneurs worldwide.

Are you a motivated woman who wants to run her own business but doesn’t know where to begin? Keep reading for some great small business ideas for women.

1.    Love fitness? Become a Personal Trainer

Turn your favourite hobby into a job. If you love all things fitness-related then why not share your love with others?

Many people want to lose weight or to become fit and they need a qualified personal trainer.

If you don’t think a personal trainer is the right business idea for you then think bigger. What about opening a yoga studio or starting a spin class. What about Zumba? Business ideas for fitness enthusiasts are endless, just choose the right one for you.

2.    Photography

Photographs are memories that never fade. Just imagine how many beautiful moments you can make unforgettable by capturing them with your camera.

If you think that this is the kind of business that could work for you, then it’s time to start investing. You’ll need a good camera and equipment to build your portfolio.

You can be a wedding photographer, a personal photographer, a nature photographer, or a wildlife photographer whatever works for you. Start a photography business and do what you love every morning.

3.    How about a beauty business?

If you like making people look their best then the beauty industry is the right industry for you. The beauty and cosmetic industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that is growing fast.

The Australian beauty industry is expanding and business opportunities go beyond selling and manufacturing beauty products. You’ll easily be able to find your niche.

You’ll often need to have some qualifications under your belt to succeed. Consider taking a course at Perth College of Beauty Therapy.

4.      A life coach

Do your friends call you a lifesaver? Do you like giving advice and helping people? Why not consider becoming a life coach?

You can choose what type of life coaching you are best at. You can become a personal coach, career coach, team coach or leadership coach.

The whole point of being a life coach is to help your clients improve their relationships, careers and quality of life in general.

5.    Interior designer

Interior design can be a profitable and rewarding career. You need to build your talent at drawing blueprints and designing spaces.

If you are creative and love decorating and making spaces look beautiful, then maybe this interior designing business is just the right kind of business for you.


Have you spotted a business idea you like among our top five business ideas? We need more women entrepreneurs in the world, so don’t let anything stop you from fulfilling your dream of owning your own business.

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