COVID-19 and Small Business Productivity

Must-have Tools for Marketers While Working from Home

Written by Aby League

The World Health Organization has declared that the number of COVID-19 cases worldwide has almost exceeded 3 million. Countries around the world have implemented lockdown measures. Some businesses have had no choice but to shut shop whilst others have shifted to a work-from-home model.

Many companies are finding this new set-up difficult. The home environment is full of distractions from dog barking, children crying and the temptation to scroll Facebook or watch Netflix. Small businesses need to implement effective lead management processes without relying on face-to-face interaction with their employees. Keep reading to find out about some essential digital tools for marketers to use during these uncertain times.


Collaboration Tools are so important in a virtual environment, which needs strong communication between employees, managers and clients. The following digital marketing tools have you covered when it comes to real-time online collaboration.


Zoom is one of the most reliable videos conferencing tools out there. You can easily use it to host or access video webinars, conference rooms, phone systems, chat rooms, file sharing online meetings, training and more.


Slack is a user-friendly online platform that easily enables collaboration. You can follow topics and teams on channels, easily search for pending and working projects and share channels to your clients to demonstrate project updates.


InVision is a go-to tool for marketers who specialise in design. With InVision, you can make interactive prototypes of projects, brainstorm on a digital whiteboard and distribute and share designs and inspiration for future company projects.


Project Management Trackers are so important for businesses using a work-from-home set-up. These businesses should stay updated on any present or future projects. Listed below are some online marketing tools that are great for project management.


Trello lets you effectively manage projects using boards, lists, cards and more. You can easily view and add comments, due dates and attachments. Features also include custom board buttons and calendar commands that you and your team can use.


Podio is one of those vital tools for marketers because it allows you to effectively manage workflows. Project management is done through customising workflows, simple task overviews and integrating file sharing apps like Dropbox and Google Drive.


Asana allows you to achieve effective team management through its workload charts and uses portfolios to track progress. You can use timeline features to show real-time updates on projects. Asana also has automation options for checking processes and setting up work routines.


Time Management Tools help you avoid distractions and maximise your efficiency Use these popular tools to keep productivity up:

Rescue Time

Rescue Time cuts off distractions by blocking websites and apps that are not necessary for work. It also puts time limits on certain apps and websites and Do Not Disturb functionality for maximum focus on tasks.

Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk uses smart functions to help you get your work done. It sends reminders via social media channels such as email, Facebook, Twitter and more. It breaks down tasks into subtasks and priority levels, allows you to share tasks with others and even lets you search for easily unfinished or finished tasks.

Focus Booster

Every good online marketer should use Focus Booster. The app uses a Pomodoro timer to help you focus on a task and see it to completion. Features also include a dashboard for easy progress checking and automatic task recordings for quick client tracking.


Tips for adapting to a Work from Home setup.

You may have all the best marketing tools at your fingertips. The problem is that many who work from home find themselves distracted and demotivated. Keep reading to discover effective tips to help you stay productive in your work-from-home set-up.

  1. Maintain a routine.

Wake up at the same time every morning, even if you don’t have a train or bus to catch anymore. Identify your possible distractions and use your digital marketing tools to keep track of your tasks. Don’t forget to take breaks either!

  1. Talk to your co-workers.

To minimise any feeling of isolation, talk to your co-workers! Log into team channels such as Microsoft Office Teams or Zoom and don’t feel guilty if you indulge in a little bit of chit chat. Of course, you need to make sure that you are always in contact for work related concerns

  1. Set up your workspace.

Download all the necessary marketing tools before you start working. Fix your desk up just like you would at the office. To top it off, you might even want to dress up a little so that  you feel even more work-ready!

  1. Remind your family about your work schedule.

Explain to your partner, parents and kids about your work schedule. Set clear rules about what they can do during your working hours. Make sure that you aren’t roped into excursions to the park or last-minute trips to the shops.

  1. Mix it up!

Because you’re not going to the coffee machine, water cooler, printer and break room, you will need to incorporate micro-breaks into your work time. You can add small yoga routines, call your parents to check in, play in the yard with your kids or make yourself a cup of tea. Just be conscious of your time management.

During the current COVID-19 lockdown, businesses have had to make a lot of tough adjustments. By using the above list of marketing tools for a digital workplace, you will have an easier time of it.


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