6 Ways Technology Improves Your Business Efficiency

Written by Raul Harman

The main purpose of technology is to make our lives easier by making menial tasks easier and faster to execute. In the business world, on the other hand, the difference between having the proper equipment, software and adopting the right trend in time, can be the one thing that stands between success and failure.

Consequently, technology is more than capable of improving your business and here are six areas in which the effects of this improvement are both immediate and prominent.

1. Digital Marketing Tools Help Grow Your Business

The first thing that undoubtedly benefits from your investment in technology is your marketing- in particular, your digital marketing. With the help of big data and present-day analytical tools, you can create a much more data-driven strategy.

This way you can ensure that every single dollar you’ve invested into your marketing is well-spent, which, in turn, gives you the ultimate ROI. Aside from this, there are massive improvements in the field of SEO to look out for like investing more time, effort and research in them than your competition does.

2. Remote Workers: Telecommuting the Future of Work

Another major improvement made possible through technological advancements are higher employment rates for remote workers and telecommuters. When it comes to telecommuting as a trend, it is rapidly picking up, due to the factors such as: being planet-friendly, practical and expanding your talent pool.

For this to work, however, you need to establish strong channels of communication, as well as picking adequate collaboration tools for your company.

With the right platform, an experienced project manager can coordinate even the most complex projects without the need for the team to ever meet in person,which can provide a huge boom for your business.

Nevertheless, there is an additional advantage you might have failed to consider so far. You see, most of this software is compatible with mobile devices, which means that essential members of your team will be available even while they are on their vacation or enjoying their day off. Sure, it is easy to see how this can be a bad thing as well, from an HR representative’s point of view, but it is always a good thing to have them able to assist you, without actually having to come down to the office.

3. Get Proper Hosting to Deliver Great User Experience

In the digital world of 2018, there is simply no excuse for having a poor online presence. However, all your digital marketing, as well as your overall digital footprint rests on the quality of your own website. In order for it to be responsive enough, you need to have the right hosting. For this, you need to start looking at features such as uptime (you need at least 99.99 percent) and the quality of their customer service.

Companies based in most developed regions, such as Europe, Japan, North America or Australia have even more options when it comes to this. For instance, a company from New South Wales or Victoria could easily go with one of the amazing options for cPanel hosting in Australia, instead of sticking to some more traditional solutions.

4. Use Speech-To-Text Transcription to Improve Efficiency

Recently, there were some great improvements in the field of speech-to-text transcription in artificial intelligence (AI), opening up numerous possibilities for tech-savvy entrepreneurs. First of all, it gives you a chance to take notes of all your meetings, conferences and B2B interactions. This would allow you to get a much larger sample to analyse later on.

The next major advantage here is that these tools can be used to record customer service interactions, which is something that a human could never do given the sheer volume of data. Needless to say, text documents are much more space-friendly than audio or video, which is yet another boost in your company’s efficiency.

5. Use Teleconferencing to Communicate

In the past, things like teleconferencing were something you would only see in Sci-Fi movies, while, nowadays, they are a part of our everyday reality. Sure, it is true that this form of communication still cannot replace face-to-face meetings when it comes to efficiency. However, they are a vast improvement over phone communication or email correspondence. Furthermore, they make coordination between offshore offices or even negotiations with your international partners significantly easier.

6. Remote Desktops to Reduce It Inefficiency

Finally, one thing that is often overlooked, yet is of an immense help for the IT infrastructure of your company is the existence of various remote desktop software options. The difference that this makes in the day-to-day functioning of your company is huge, seeing as how your IT department can now fix software related problems without ever having to leave their office. On its own, this eliminates minutes and hours of unnecessary running around by some of the busiest and most productive members of your staff.


At the end of the day, technology can help to boost your brand, improve your customer service and make your online presence much more reliable. Aside from this, it eliminates difficulties in some of the basic tasks that your team is supposed to perform, allowing them to focus more on their core-tasks. With collaboration platforms, remote desktops and IM communication, you get a larger talent pool, eliminate the need to pay travel expenses and, yet again, enjoy a higher efficiency on a new level.

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