How Does Cloud Computing Impact Small Businesses

Written by Delan Cooper

Information technology and communication has significantly advanced the manner in which businesses communicate and operate. The development and roll out of the cloud computing technology has, in particular, had major implications on the manner in which businesses operate in the modern-day world.

Whereas cloud technology sounds technical, it is not that complicated as this article shows how cloud computing works. The numerous benefits that cloud computing technology offers to business imply that most businesses have already made their efforts to establish a much-needed cloud presence. Businesses have found a strategic advantage and great potential in the incorporation of cloud computing in their operations.

Impacts of cloud computing on business

The effects of cloud computing on business are diverse and are centered on the enhanced accessibility of the business to the market, and the benefits and opportunities created thereof.

Improved communication

Communication forms the backbone of every business in the world today. The concept of cloud computing has made business-based communication much faster and easily achievable. For large companies which have a regional and international presence, cloud computing has facilitated communication through the establishment of a central data repository system where documents can be availed into a central point.

This implies that one business center can access vital documents from another hub without necessarily depending on the conventional data transfer process which are otherwise time-consuming and limited.

The faster pace of communication also implies that business can also revolutionize the idea of communication and take it to a whole new level. The introduction of cloud-based communication channels such as video-conferencing makes businesses communicate much faster, easier, and in a seamless manner. Faster communication for businesses implies that decision-making is achieved much faster and thus increasing marketing and turnovers.

Secure operations

Cloud computing has enabled secured storage of business information in a manner that was not possible before. Clouds normally offer layered forms of data security with multiple authentication platforms. This makes sure that business information of sensitive nature can be secured from hacking and other internet-based security breaches.

VPS hosting companies offer optional security mechanisms including integrated biometric security systems which ensure that access to virtual business information is impossible for unintended users. Also, with additional VPS hosting companies’ security systems such as data encryption, the process of transferring information from one hub to another is secure against hacking and phishing.

Development of new arrays of products and services

With cloud computing, businesses are now able to serve customers with an improved and highly advanced operational framework. Most businesses have been able to host customer service centers and domains through some form of cloud technology.

Companies which host customer accounts such as banks and personalized service providers find this option highly suitable, especially given the fact that they can host customer accounts through cloud systems which are much faster, easier to operate and control. Such a dedicated vps server ensures that customers get faster services compared to conventional normal internet-based hosting.

Also, businesses have been able to obtain competitive advantages owing to the benefits of fast internet connectivity of cloud computing technologies. Video marketing has enabled businesses to be able to make short videos which can be transferred to cloud-based hosting platforms such as YouTube for easier viewership through the internet. Cloud marketing has far better effects upon a business compared to conventional marketing initiatives.

Enhanced business operations and accessibility

Cloud-based technology has improved the manner in which businesses establish a presence over the internet. The development of faster websites that have multiple access points such as Android and iOS platforms ensure that any worker can access their vital information while on the go. This has revolutionized the way workers work in a company. Some companies have a vps server which hosts workers, therefore making the concept of e-working a reality.

Cloud computing technology has become an important part and parcel of businesses. With the outlined advantages that businesses with a cloud presence get, more and more businesses are investing in cloud technologies. With the improved market presence, better marketing initiatives, faster communication, and better accessibility, cloud computing technology has enhanced positively the manner in which businesses run.

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