COVID-19 and Small Business

Helping your business survive trading restrictions during COVID 19- services

Written by BizCover

The unprecedented changes in the world have made it a difficult time to be a small business owner in the services sector. With new government restrictions and changes on how businesses can be conducted, now is the time to change and adapt the way we go about running a business.

Here are a few strategies to help your services business survive during COVID-19 restrictions.

Online consultations- turn your usual face-to-face consultations into interactive online phone/video calls. It allows for your customers to still contact you for your professional services no matter where they may be located. If you are going to offer this service make sure you let your current and potential customers know that this is an option.

Community-connect with your community, this can be on a local level through online groups or even with your industry body. It’s a chance to connect, share best practices and resources or maybe even untap an unknown customer base of opportunities.

Create classes- share your expert knowledge and skills by creating online classes that your customers can subscribe to. Examples of business owners making the most of this opportunity include : Personal Trainers running classes

Be mindful-take the time to also look after your mental health and wellbeing. It’s a stressful time and that’s why it’s important to invest in taking care of your health. How can you run a business if you’re not well? There are plenty of apps and websites available to help you stay on track and stay mindful.

Marketing- with channels like GoogleAd’s and social media, your brand can still be promoted and out there in the marketplace 24/7. While you may have to reduce costs in some areas, it is important that you keep your hard-earned brand and reputation alive and keep your marketing alive.

Communicate- the last thing you want to do is completely lose your hard-earned customer database. Don’t go off the radar, keep your social media channels active, if you email newsletters craft content that’s relevant, keep your brand alive and present.

Re-plan– many businesses are experiencing disruptions to planned meetings and important business opportunities, but not all is lost. Why not re-plan your meeting as a video call instead of cancelling? With so many apps (like Zoom and Skype) available online collaborating and communicating with others has never been easier.

Remote teams-set up a system so that your team can continue with their day to day duties from home. Communicate regularly, be clear on expectations and make time to brainstorm on ways to keep the business going, what’s working well, what’s not etc.


Remember it is always important to ensure your insurance policy is in place, paid-up to date and that you have the right cover to protect your business. Your insurance policy may extend to provide cover if you’ve started to deliver your goods and services.* If you have, it is important to let your insurer know of the change in your business activity

* Subject to the terms and conditions of the policy, which will likely include the exclusion of cover for motor vehicles and motor vehicle related incidents


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