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Four Ways Offering Free WiFi Can Boost Your Cafe’s Profits

Aaron O'Keeffe
Written by Aaron O'Keeffe

Offering free WiFi to customers in your cafe or restaurant is often expected and seen as just another courtesy – kind of like offering mints in an Uber, or free coffee in the waiting room of a car dealership. But you can actually use free WiFi for more reasons than just customer satisfaction – it can also be used to improve customer loyalty and brand recognition, which can translate into increased profits.

These are four simple ways which you can use free WiFi to help boost your brand and score some brownie points with your customers.

1. Enhance your own marketing

If your WiFi provider allows you to, you can use certain internet solutions that give you the opportunity to collect intelligent data about your customers before they even sign in to your network at your cafe or restaurant. Some providers allow businesses to create custom splash or landing pages to attract customers when they sign in, providing you with a platform to push real-time offers like discounts on food or drink, and collect customer information.

Providers also offer functions that let your customer do the marketing for you by prompting them to ‘check in’ at your cafe or restaurant on social media to gain access to your WiFi network. Having your own custom WiFi name also gives you another opportunity to brand your business and get your name out there.

2. Give your customers a reason to stay longer

This concept is simple – introducing free WiFi at your cafe or restaurant will encourage your customers to hang around longer (and spend more money!). Whether it’s university students grabbing a bite during a study break, freelance workers having a coffee or tourists popping in for lunch, having a free WiFi connection available is a major drawcard.

In one survey, almost 62 per cent of customers spent more time in a shop once WiFi was introduced, with 50 per cent of customers also spending more money. This is a surefire way to easily boost your profits by drawing more business into your cafe or restaurant.

3. Facilitate co-working environments

If you run a cafe or restaurant, introducing free WiFi is a great way to fill your ‘down periods’ of the day by turning your venue into a co-working space. Your customers will utilise your free WiFi service to get work done in the hours when you’d usually be struggling for business, and they’ll spend money on food and beverages while they’re at it!

Having free WiFi available in your shop also makes it easy for you to create a highly collaborative and productive working environment. When people come in that you’re working with say suppliers, you need to be able to offer them a quick and fast internet solution so you can immediately get down to business.

In the latest broadband speed data, Aussie Broadband managed to place itself as Australia’s fastest ISP provider, delivering 88.3 per cent of their consumers’ maximum upload and download speeds for their plans in busy periods. This is in comparison to Telstra at 79.9 per cent and MyRepublic at 74.4 per cent. If you invest in a fast nbn internet solution, people will come to know the reliable connection at your cafe or restaurant, and may keep your business front of mind when looking for a working venue.

4. You’ll have a competitive edge

Having a free, reliable WiFi connection is a hot commodity with today’s consumers, so utilising this for your restaurant or cafe could really draw in the crowds and give you that competitive edge.

Businesses that offer free WiFi have a clear advantage over those who don’t, as many consumers actually filter out their cafe and restaurant choices by those that do or don’t offer a free internet connection. Offering a free WiFi service makes your customers’ experience with your business better, improving your public perception and encouraging them to come back again .

Get an extra shot of profits with free WiFi

Offering a free WiFi connection to your customers and clients can be a great way to boost your profits. Many consumers have come to expect free WiFi at cafes and restaurants these days, so it’s important to keep up with demand and make sure that your shop is providing people with the best experience they can possibly have.

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Aaron O'Keeffe

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