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Top 3 Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimisation

Rey Yesilnacar
Written by Rey Yesilnacar

Typically, websites regardless of design, content, and target audience are created with the goal of converting website visitors into leads, leads into sales, and sales into happy customers. It sounds overly simplistic, but basically, this objective is the driving principle behind almost every digital marketing strategy. As these conversions can happen anywhere on the website – homepage, products page, blog, other landing pages, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is the strategies in place to optimise these conversions, which include: the use of analytics and user feedback to maximise website performance based on the most important metrics of your business.

Why should you care about CRO and start incorporating it into your marketing strategy? Here are three benefits that you will not want to miss:

1. CRO Makes Paid Advertising More Cost-effective

Imagine the amount of effort and thinking required for creative direction, well-planned strategies and your hard-earned dollars that go into devising effective marketing campaigns designed to drive traffic to your website. But the reality is, your website traffic is not enough. When your leads are not translating into revenue, that’s a red flag that you need to address.

Generating high-quality traffic from paid advertising is just the first step, not the end-goal. Even getting leads is just half the marketing journey. The bottom line counts – are they converting as you designed them?

More so, most businesses have finite demand, and at one point or another, it becomes more expensive to look for better-qualified leads. What can you do then especially if you’re a start-up with limited marketing spend?

Nurture your current traffic.

When paid advertising is executed well with conversion rate optimisation methods, the more leads, the more conversions mean a higher return on investment for your business. You’ll achieve a position where your marketing resources are utilised very, very well.

2. Improves Capturing Leads and Sales

With millions of websites fighting for online attention, aiming for a solid website presence won’t just cut it. Your website needs to be optimised to capture leads and in turn close sales in good time.

One simple CRO practice is creating better call-to-actions in pages that register high traffic, but may not be highly optimised. This might sound pretty basic, but you’d be surprised at how many websites do not make the most of this untapped potential.

Some of the key things you need to ask:

  • Do you track how your website visitors behave on your landing pages? If so, geared with that precious data, do you test how you can have those website pages to work harder for you, leading to more converted leads and closed sales opportunities?
  • Do you do A/B testing on website copy, content offer, images, form questions, page design to test what you can continue to improve to increase conversions?
  • When leads finally set foot on your sales pages or add products to their wish lists, do you have an automated system set to notify your sales team to encourage leads to proceed with the sale?
  • Does an abandoned cart trigger an alert to your representatives to give potential customers a follow-up email or call to push higher sale conversion rates?
  • After they leave your website, do you have measures that allow your brand to stay top of mind – also known as remarketing? Do your ads allow potential leads to opt-in straight from their social media platform of choice? Can they buy even straight from your Facebook page?

More so, being optimised for mobile, ‘responsive design’ is not just a buzzword; it’s a real need. People live a mobile lifestyle, are always on the go, and shift from device to device – websites have to keep up to stay relevant and seamlessly reach more and more people.

With a smart conversion rate and an optimisation action plan at work to cover all your touchpoints, your leads and sales conversion rates will just keep getting better!

3. Improves Customer Experience

So, you’re maximising your website traffic without necessarily spending more on paid advertising, and you’re capturing more leads and closing sales better than before – way to go! But wait, there’s more. CRO is served with a cherry on top.

You don’t want to close sales just one time. No, to grow and scale up, you have to go beyond that. Retention is key. Win customers, keep them happy, and you will gain your brand loyalists and ambassadors who will spread the word about you. They may do this for free or maybe through a referral program because they enjoyed their whole customer experience with you and want others to do the same.

What’s the key? You guessed it, conversion rate optimisation goes the extra mile and ensures happy customers remain happy. With CRO, you can remove friction from your conversion funnels by making the customer journey personalized and enjoyable. They will know the difference, and they will tell you, especially through channels for authentic rave reviews (a CRO too) which serves to boost your business know-like-trust factor. Win-win!

‘I want the benefits of CRO. Where do I go from here?’

The how-tos of CRO strategies can fill book after book and range from simple tweaks to massive overhauls and the hardest part of all is knowing where to start.

Simply, it boils down to setting your business goals regarding revenue, lead generation, or conversion rate. Next, it is about getting a clear picture of your baseline and identifying what steps need to be undertaken to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

And you don’t have to do it on your own; there are SEO providers and consultants who can customise strategies and solutions that fit your business goals and budget. The key consideration is having someone you can trust to provide the right conversion rate optimisation tools for your business and expertise to determine an actionable plan that works and delivers results.

Whatever your industry, target market, or marketing and sales goals, effective practice of conversion rate optimisation will boost your conversion potential and become a sustainable source of great growth and gain. Start today, and these benefits will soon be your reality!

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Rey Yesilnacar

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