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Co-working Increases Happiness and Productivity

Written by Paul Christopher

If you work from home, you know the advantages and disadvantages, such as: distractions, loneliness … And, if you rent a small office, you know that the costs are too high for a single professional or a small startup company with very little employees.

Co-working has become more popular in Western Australia recently and was born to improve the working conditions of self-employed or startup businesses, so that different professionals share the same work space. Whether you are a freelance professional or thinking of starting up a small business, this work option can be very interesting for you.


  • Work areas equipped
  • Meeting rooms
  • Common areas
  • Workshops, conferences, events, etc…
  • Head office, tax, administrative
  • Home for your correspondence
  • Cable Internet
  • Wireless
  • Storage


  • Cost reduction: Whether you’re a business with a small number of employees or a freelancer without a home work space, co-working is the perfect way to share costs and make space more accessible.
  • Separation of professional and private life: It is the possibility of having a work space away from home, which will facilitate the separation of professional and personal life. But also, the absence of distractions and temptations.
  • Improved Productivity: Having a private work space – like a desk from Office National – will increase your productivity by minimising distractions and being able to focus exclusively on work.
  • Professional networks: In these work spaces, you will meet workers from different sectors with whom you may end up doing business. It’s a way to open your circle and improve the network of contacts.
  • Time flexibility: Many co-working spaces are open late at night and at unusual times. The flexibility offered by the house may be interesting for some, but the discipline of a well-defined schedule helps you to ensure rest periods and a more orderly life, thus improving your quality of life.
  • Inspiration: Working alongside different professionals can inspire and bring new ideas to improve work. In addition, the effect of the working environment with other professionals is important.


There are not only advantages. In a co-working space, there are several rules that must be respected to facilitate life in common.

  • Privacy Issues: The information you process can be heard or viewed by other co-workers.
  • Limited hours: A co-working space has an opening and closing time. And they are rented for a fixed period, which must be respected, so as not to affect other users.
  • Noise and silence: Whether everyone is talking or keeping quiet, embarrassing or uncomfortable situations will be created during your calls.
  • Compatibility:  Everyone has their own personality and we may not all love each other.


  • Make visits to discover the facilities and the atmosphere.
  • Time is money, so try co-working near home or somewhere easily accessible. Plus, getting into a good neighbourhood can impress your customers.
  • Know the amount you are willing to pay per month, types of rates and contracts, hourly flexibility, equipment and services.


All for one and one for all: this is how co-working works. When a self-employed worker starts, they usually feel lonely. But if they are surrounded by people who are pursuing similar projects, it is very exciting. UNITY IS STRENGTH!

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