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Business Phone Systems: 10 Best Tools to Keep You Smilin’ and Dialin’

Emma Worden
Written by Emma Worden

The age of landlines and traditional telecom services is coming to an end. These services use obsolete technologies. Modern technology is redefining business phone systems as we know it. Keep reading to find out about the best new tools to keep you smiling and dialing.

Outreach is a business phone system designed for sales teams. This tool has various personalisation options and a ton of features such as sales automation, email tracking, call features, analytics, customisation and so on. This tool makes the entire sales process much more seamless.


This cloud-based tool is not just easy to set up but also highly scalable. Focused on small businesses, it offers various features ranging from video conferencing to SMS and team messaging. Since it’s located in the cloud, it can be managed as a mobile app, which means you don’t need any technical know-how to set it up.


If your employees travel around, this tool will allow them to utilise a business phone line integrated into their personal phones. Your company gets a unique number with an extension for every employee, while employees retain control of where they want the calls to be redirected.


This tool can handle various business needs with its built-in features, such as voice calls, CRM, surveys and chat. This tool utilises the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology to enhance its phone service. Since the phone service is Internet-based, you get to enjoy services, such as unlimited calls, advanced call management, voicemail to email text, and many more.


This tool is ideal for budget-conscious businesses. Although this tool also utilises VoIP technology, it does lack some of the more advanced features but it guarantees 99.99% uptime. It features  unlimited calls, auto-attendants and cross-platform integration.


Skype for Business offers great features for small businesses. This tool can handle online meetings with up to 250 people. It also offers features including HD audio and video calling, call recording, smart messaging and translation services.

Google Voice

Yet another VoIP phone service provided by Google. This tool is fairly simple and easy to use. It’s good for freelancers and new entrepreneurs who require a cheap but effective solution. This tool offers multi-level auto-attendant.


This phone system is integrated with Amazon Chime access. Businesses of all shapes and sizes can fully rely on this tool. This tool offers a wide variety of features to help you customise an ideal business plan. It also offers 99.99% uptime reliability, mobile and desktop apps, call and paging groups, custom caller ID and Amazon features that include chat, screen share, conferencing and video calls.


Mittel is scalable, allowing you to change your environment as your business grows. This tool offers both on-premise and cloud-based solutions. You can opt for a standard office or a call-centre solution. This tool lets you provide unique and exceptional customer service and support to create a unique customer experience. The list of features includes phone calls, voice chat, email and screen sharing.


This tool is specifically designed for small and micro-businesses. It’s based on a combination of in-house hardware and cloud-based features. It can work on both analog and IP phones with just a simple plug-in setup that eliminates the need for technical know-how. It features voicemail, call transfer, call log, on-hold music and a virtual assistant.

Today’s business systems are reliable, efficient and based on modern technology that ensures that your every business need will be adequately met. The cloud technologies these systems are based are reliable and offer numerous features that will help you out. In the world where customer experience matters the most, having a reliable business phone system is simply a must.


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