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How to Attract Higher Paying Clients (Without Spending a Fortune)

Written by Steve Brossman

Many business owners want to attract  high paying clients, yet do not know how to go about doing so. Higher level clients are those clients that will pay more for your product or service.

It is vitally important for business owners to remember that, how you are seen in the marketplace, attracts quality clients. When you are seen the same as everyone else, then all you are compared on is PRICE, and that never attracts quality clients.

The simplest way to attract higher level and higher paying clients is to be more attractive to those clients. I am going to share with you my top tips on  how to get high paying clients and never bargain about your price again.

Avoid “Brown Box Syndrome”

Too many professionals say they want to attract high paying clients yet end up developing “Brown Box Syndrome”. The symptom of brown box syndrome is that your product or service looks the same as all the others.

It isn’t until potential clients spend time with the business (i.e. unwrap the box) that they realise, that your product or service is the best option, but sadly by this time, it’s too late.

The same goes for many professionals. They may provide a unique and outstanding service, yet because they look and sound the same as everyone else in their marketplace, they are often overlooked for a possibly inferior option, simply because they don’t stand out from the crowd.

When you are seen as a “brown box” you generally spend more money on marketing and advertising with reduced Return on Investment, because you are marketing yourself the same as everyone else. It may seem that all you are doing is yelling the same message but yelling louder and louder with no change in response from your target market.

Are you an authority in your field?

I always tell my clients that “Your perceived positioning predicts your profits”. Quality customer or clients are attracted to leaders and authorities. They prefer to pay more for value and for a unique solution. I see time and time again that high caliber professionals don’t have the belief in themselves that they are a leader or an authority.

You don’t have to be THE best in the world, you just have to be the best in THEIR world. So, ask yourself a very simple question. ‘Do you consistently help people in your business? If so, to your clients you are a leader or an authority on what you do for them.

Position yourself as an authority

Most professionals do have something in their program, delivery method or background that is unique and can position them as a leader and authority.

In order to position yourself as an authority, you must spend time reviewing your programs and services and what results you deliver to your clients. Look for some form of uniqueness.

What makes you stand out from the crowd may be found in your products, services, programs, delivery method or just the way you communicate. There will always be something and it is up to you to discover it and communicate it to your customers or clients.

While most people in your filed are looking to do more marketing or advertising, spend time working on your unique authority positioning and you will stand out in your market.

Communicate Your Uniqueness

Once you have identified your uniqueness, you then need to communicate it. There are three key ways to let your target market know who you are and why you they should work with you.

Videos are the fastest way to be seen as an Authority,

Books are the most powerful and,

Speaking whether live or digitally, is the most profitable.

Once you have mastered one or all three of these you then you need to consider distribution. Social media is a highly effective way to communicate with your customer or clients. Select a social media platform that is most appropriate for your market and share your content there.

So, In Short… Stand Up, Stand Out or Stand Aside.

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About the author

Steve Brossman

Steve has 30 years helping businesses stand out in their market and has spoken to over 21,000 people in 15 countries alongside some of the worlds leading business experts.