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9 Ways Content Can Organically Drive Conversions

Written by Nital Shah

Being a blogger or content writer means you need to come up with content that is engaging and will entice the reader. Most times, it is difficult to come up with content that is fresh, informative, and engaging. Having content that is unique from every other blog on the internet will help you generate traffic on your site and turn visitors into frequent readers and customers.

You need three things to help you come up with an engaging content that will attract many visitors to your site.

  1. Content creation. This involves researching and producing various types of content for your site to attract various visitors. You need to ensure you have plenty of value in the content you are writing.
  2. Content marketing. Use your social networks to advertise and promote your content. You are likely to attract customers easily using social networks and also retain them.
  3. Content curation. Have an editorial calendar that has numerous pieces of content that are not read or seen. When you find the content that not only will it attract an audience but retain them, you use it as you will stand out from the crowd.

Before you write any content, it is important to keep the following points in mind throughout the process:

1. Know your audience

You need to have a clarity about the type, age, demographics, purpose etc. about the particular segment of the audience before you write for them. And only this way, you are going to create helpful and optimal content for them.

Do you know who your customers are? Can you figure out their age bracket? Their educational background, income status, wants and or needs? The answers to these questions will help you develop a persona that you can adapt to your editorial calendar.

If you do not know this, visit Key in your site URL, and it will provide results about your audience demographics and engagement of your visitors. Analyse the data and utilise it in a way that to learn how to tweak your content to better suit your audience better and attract more visitors.

It is best to know who you are writing for before you come up with content topics and ideas for your site otherwise you face not attracting new customers or maintaining the ones you have.2.

2. Write content that addresses the customer’s pain points

Think like a customer. For instance, if you are in the digital marketing industry, the main pains for customers are, how to write guest posts for a blog with high traffic, how to convert site visitors to customers, how to write content that people will love, and so on.

There are several methods or tools you can use to learn what your customer pain points are. Online surveys, digital analytics, or online feedback forms are great ways of figuring out what your customers want to know.

An example of a tool would be Ubersuggest. On this site, key in the seed keyword and click suggest. It will provide you with customer pain points. Pick the strongest pain points and expand on your strongest pain points.

Every time you check popular search engine queries, the more informed your original content will be, making it more engaging for customers and your target audience. Another advantage is your search rankings will increase significantly because of the long-tail organic traffic.

3. Different content

Once you know the customers’ pain points, you need to create different types of content. Not every target audience likes blog posts or article. This way you appeal to different people and keep them interested in your content.

You can differentiate your offerings by creating webinars, podcasts, videos, infographics, quizzes, or case studies. All these are options that you can use for your website, and you will attract and retain customers. For instance, quizzes are fun and easy to do, plus they are likely to be shared on social media. If your social footprint is not strong, try quizzes to help you increase and diversify traffic.

4. Engage with your customers

Follow up with your customers. You want to build relationships with your customers, so you can create trust. Email autoresponders are the best marketing tools for keeping in touch with your target audience. Be it an announcement of a new offer or service or simply a gesture of wishing them on festive days or their special days. Email engagements are proven audience charmers when it comes to building a connection with them.

Once you apply these tips, you will see an increase of traffic to your website. There are some strategies you can use that will help optimise the content you have on your website to bring profit to your business.

5. Leverage third-party data

Examples of third-party data can be relevant information you find in eBooks, videos, online publications, or online courses. This data is not from you; hence you need to be cautious about how you use it.

The data you get from a third-party can work well in your content strategy. If you are not a prolific writer, this will work in your favour. Getting content for your audience is difficult, that is why most marketers find it hard to make content that will be appealing to their audience.

Read other books that are not in your niche, so you can garner knowledge to use in your content. Study research papers, experiments, projects to help you in creating content for your audience.

One way you to do this is by writing a list of blog topics that, if you were a blogger, you would write about. Then highlight the ones that majority of your readers would find intriguing, and useful.

6. Add user feedback to your content

Feedback from your customers will give you an insight on what they want and are thinking about. Write not to impress but to express what you are feeling and what you know from your customers.

Everyone has an opinion, all they need is a chance to say it. The numerous ways you can get feedback from your customers is through usability tests, feedback forms, user activity, surveys, and emails.

7. Use visual assets

According to Michel Wedel, a Professor of Consumer Science at the University of Maryland, his research in eye-tracking and visual marketing found that the mind responds to visuals better than text. As a matter of fact, approximately 50% of your brain is part of the visual process.

When you have infographics in your website, you are going to increase your organic traffic, generate authority links, and be able to create more awareness for your brand.

When you use infographics, you are likely to increase your traffic by more than 12%.

8. Take advantage of your local area

You can offer rewards, raffles or sweepstakes that are common in your local area. When you offer such rewards to your target audience or customers, you will attract new buyers to your website and generate new traffic.

All you must do first is check the laws and regulations in your area before you offer raffles to your customers. It could also be as simple as a giveaway on your website or social media, which can be given to a reader who comments on your article or post.

Having giveaways or contests on your website will reliably increase traffic and bring in more potential customers to your website.

9. Writing content for your local area

When writing content that is location specific, it goes without saying that the content must appear organic and unique. If you are writing for a company that caters to different locations, recycling the same content but making minor changes for each location-specific audience will get noticed by your readers, and you will lose them as customers. For meta-descriptions and titles, make sure you use location-specific phrases and keywords, but do not overdo it.

To get readers to your website, make sure you use the location-specific content. Search engines will work in your favour if you reference the location as if you work or live there. For instance, if you are from New York, select a couple of landmarks and talk about them. This way your readers will find the content more relatable.


When you want to produce your content for the world, writing can be one of the avenues you can do this. Writing is not for everyone, but you can make a huge difference in the world with your penmanship.

If your writing style is unique, you will see your organic traffic grow at a rate that surprises you, and your conversion rates will be high as well. Use the tips in this article to help you grow your website and increase your business’s profit.

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