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8 Ways Businesses Can Benefit From their Website

The digital age has changed the way many small businesses operate. Today, millions of companies have at least one website, but many business owners still do not know how to unlock their website’s full potential. This article talks about 8 ways Australian businesses can benefit from their websites in 2021.


Blogging refers to writing articles specific to your industry. There are several advantages of blogging, including gaining organic traffic and improving sales. It is also one of the easiest ways to improve your site’s ranking as  you can write at your own pace.

Furthermore, posting blogs increases your online authority, and search engines such as Google favour websites that are actively publishing content. If you publish just one blog post a week, search engines will trust your brand and show your site to targeted visitors.

Remember to use the right keywords! One strategy is to search for business-related topics in Google and see what auto-fill suggests. Those are the words that people search for most and should guide your blog topics. 

Social media

Social media is another business-helping option. Posting your social media links to your website and vice versa helps visitors engage with your business. It is a proven strategy to convert organic visitors into loyal fans.  Social media sites are suitable for updating your followers about the company and keeping in touch.

Keeping track

Many businesses today use Google Analytics to track visits and engagement. Google Analytics is a tool that tracks data, including the visited page, time spent on a page, any click events and so on. This can help you identify the most popular pages and convert visits into sales.

Sending newsletters

One of the best ways Australian businesses can benefit from their website is through a newsletter. The newsletter is like the subscribe button on YouTube – it keeps your customers up to date. The process of setting up a newsletter can be tricky, but once you have the feature in place, users can sign up to receive emails about your business. Those emails can be about blog posts, new items in stock, items on sale, and more.

Contact forms

Another easy way to unlock the potential of your site is through contact forms. Some customers do not like to make phone calls. In those cases, it is a great idea to have an option to message the business owner. Furthermore, with contact forms, you do not have to respond right away, giving you ample time to respond in the best way possible.

Tracking organic search

Organic traffic is the traffic through search engines. Google Search Console is a service offered for free by Google. Like Analytics, the tool tracks searches and site ranking on Google search. Signing up for this tool may require someone with technical knowledge, but you can see data for your website without any additional cost. The tool provides data for the position of your pages, your site’s speed, and any errors and manual actions against your site.

Finding your next team player

Many business websites today have a career page which helps businesses find staff. This can also be useful to find employees from other cities and countries that can work from home. This can diversify your business and attract customers from different places.

Building trust

Trust is vital and based on a combination of factors, including a business’s age, customer service and transparency.

Adding achievements, accreditations, and certificates to your website can help build trust. For example, a food business can show its food safety rating, or a painter can show accreditations from big painting brands.

The bottom line

These tips may help your business’s long-term growth in site visits and sales. Some steps may  require technical knowledge, in which case you should consult an industry expert. 

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Madhsudhan Khemchandani

Madhsudhan is the Director of MK's Guide, based in Adelaide.