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6 Ways Coupons Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Written by Emy Wilson

The shopping landscape in Australia has changed significantly since the outbreak of COVID-19. Shopaholics who loved spending their days at the Chadstone Shopping Centre of Victoria or at the Westfield Chermside in Queensland were forced to buy things online due to lockdowns. 

There was a 31.7% increase in online sales in Australia during the years 2020 and 2021. Australians love to shop, and although physical premises were closed, the same enthusiasm was witnessed during the pandemic through the growth of online shopping. 

Small businesses have an historic opportunity to capture the ever-growing eCommerce market. And fortunately, there are plenty of tools that help you do this. 

Using Coupons to Boost Online Sales

For shopaholics, coupons offer an exciting opportunity to save. According to research, 73% of Australian millennials are likely to use a coupon while shopping online. There are other surveys that suggest that coupons are a powerful tool in eCommerce marketing.

If you are wondering how to upsell your marketing campaigns, you need to improve your strategy. Here are some actionable tips to introduce coupons in your marketing strategy to boost conversions and revenue generation. 

Tip #1: Add Discounts To Your Lead Capturing Forms 

When you create your lead capturing form, it should have two major constituents – the message about your service and the incentive. Visitors should consider your offer to be valuable, and they should be encouraged to spend on your platform. You need to create a lead magnet that features your brand voice and an attractive offer to lure your shoppers.

Tip #2: Leverage Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

Limited time offers help maximise sales within a short period of time. Words that create a sense of urgency will assist with generating more leads. It prompts your customers to make quick decisions and purchase quickly. Rather than buyers browsing multiple stores to get the same product, they prefer dropping yours in the cart first. 

Tip #3: Cart Abandonment Offers 

Australian buyers tend to abandon their online shopping carts often. Many reasons contribute to this, such as delayed processing, lengthy payment methods and over-priced products. According to the Future of Australian Retail report, around 72% of Australian shoppers abandon carts due to lengthy payment terminals. 

With coupons, you can eliminate the risk efficiently. Offer coupons at the checkout terminals, which will give the extra push to your shoppers to process and complete the order. 

Tip #4: Create a Customer Reward Program

To be a savvy retailer you need to know who your loyal customers are. It’s a good idea to reward your buyers who shop most frequently. Your shoppers should know you value them and plan to offer them exciting and convenient ways to continue shopping from the store. The happier your clients, the more likely they are to continue purchasing from your small business. In this way, you can strengthen your sales and customer satisfaction.

Tip #5: Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are the top channels to attract buyers. If your business has a considerable online following, you can enhance your presence through coupons. 

When it comes to offering coupons through social media channels, you need to keep in mind a few things. Firstly, your post should have interesting visuals to capture your audience’s attention. Secondly, you should consider what time your followers are most active, and that should determine when you post. Thirdly, make use of hashtags and ensure to write an interesting caption.

Tip #6: Design Attention-Grabbing Coupons

Visual appeal is the first aspect that grabs the attention of your customers. Colour, graphics, fonts and the overall look of your coupon should have two things: appeal and brand uniformity. The tone of your marketing should communicate your brand’s values and identity. No matter whether your brand’s voice is friendly, professional or comical, you should try to reflect this in your advertising. Don’t be afraid to try new things to garner the attention of your buyers.


To round up this guide, here are some key takeaways for your small business. Stay aware of your buyer’s needs in order to create the most valuable coupon for your business. Research your target audience and track your performance through analytics. Lastly, schedule your offers and social media posts for times when they will gain the most attention. 

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